Lakers start new season with a focus on defense — again

first_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error EL SEGUNDO — When the Lakers gathered this week for their first official meeting as a team, Luke Walton and the coaching staff stressed playing with a certain mentality. A Lakers mentality.“Basically,” Lonzo Ball said, “they said it starts with defense. Defensive grit. Challenge one another and then go on the court and make people fear you.”Defense? The Lakers are a team built on young offensive talents. Ball has been billed as a transcendent playmaker with shades of Magic Johnson, while Brandon Ingram is supposedly poised to take a leap into scoring stardom.On its face, “grit” is the antithesis of the “Showtime” brand the Lakers are trying to resurrect. But with the focus of a new season centered squarely on Ball and his ability to help attract a certain Eastern Conference immortal to L.A., it might be easy to forget how grueling and unglamorous incremental growth can actually be. Tuesday marked the first of three days of two-a-day practices. Walton said the evening session would focus on conditioning or, as he put it, “fun running.”In the offseason, the Lakers added shooting guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who immediately became the best perimeter defender on a team desperate for help. The organization is hoping some of that will rub off on second-year forward Ingram, whose 7-foot wingspan gives him the appearance of a disruptive defender, if not yet the game to match.Ingram struggled defensively as a rookie, which he chalked up to still learning opposing players and their tendencies.“You’ve got to watch film on all these guys,” Ingram said, “and find out some of their weak spots or some of the things they don’t do well – and of course how to stop them in some ways.”Walton believes Ingram has the makings of a great defensive player.“It will happen during his career,” Walton said. “The guy covers six feet with every slide he takes. He’s low, he’s balanced and he wants it.”Even Ball, not hailed as a defensive difference-maker, seems to be buying in.“You can’t win without defense,” he said. “That’s proven. Got to come out here, got to get it done.”Walton has less time to implement some of his principles than he would have in past seasons. The Lakers have just four days of practice before Saturday’s preseason opener, opposed to seven last year.“I’ve already made the decision we’re just going to sacrifice some of what we would put in before our first game as opposed to try and get everything in,” Walton said. “There’s a list of things we want to get in before we play a game and we’re just not going to get to it all. We’re fine with that.”center_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREUCLA alum Kenny Clark signs four-year contract extension with PackersThe Lakers have ranked in the bottom three in defensive efficiency for the past four seasons. Last year, the 110.6 points per game they allowed per 100 possessions were 30th in the league – the second straight year they ranked dead last in the category.Given that, there was really only one place for Walton and the Lakers to start with Tuesday’s practice.“Two hours of defense,” Ball said.The supersonic offense, with highlight-worthy lobs and a cloudburst of 3-pointers, comes later.“The focuses of today’s practice were individual defense first, team defense second, then transition defense and finishing rebounds,” Walton said. “You’ve got to end every possession by finishing it off.”last_img read more

Heisler: With his family in Lithuania, Lakers’ Lonzo Ball remains in the fast lane

first_img Heisler: Giddy Lakers fans dream of LeBron James, but reality is a long way off Heisler: Lakers get their newest, littlest franchise player Lakers want Lonzo Ball to be more aggressive on offense Big Baller, Ink: Over LaVar’s objections, Lonzo Ball gets tattoos in solidarity with brother LiAngelo Now a story about Lonzo Ball about Lonzo, not his goofy dad or his bizarre shooting stroke.At long last he’s at the forefront of his own adventure with LaVar disappearing over the horizon.Taking the other sons to Lithuania really was perfect, at least for us. LaVar still says dumb things but gets visibility in Prienai, a village of 9,687 far from the bright lights of Vilnius, if not the Northern Lights of the Arctic Circle, with ESPN recalling its correspondent after LaVar blasted its people as “sheisty.”Of course, it was embarrassing for him to announce the Lakers didn’t want to play for Luke Walton as the team hit bottom at 11-27, only to see them go 22-14 since, the high-water mark since the Lakers last fielded a winning team five seasons ago. Lonzo has been surfing the fame that came, not as a result of anything he did, but from his father’s zany act. On a typical day, USA Today’s LonzoWire carried a story in which he denied internet rumors he was seeing Dutch singer Natalie La Rose after being photographed with her at the release party for his rap mix tape, “Born 2 Ball.”So, no, you can’t tell if Lonzo is up to the speed in the work ethic required by greatness, even if the Lakers say he is (hopefully).“We’ve always been very up front and honest with our guys,” Walton said. “All that only comes when you’re performing on the court so the priorities for the players is to win games, to play well, to get better. Otherwise, all that other stuff goes out the window really quickly.”Lonzo’s a Laker. It comes with the turf, just in his case, more so. Watch: Kyle Kuzma and Lonzo Ball engage in practice dunk session AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREUCLA alum Kenny Clark signs four-year contract extension with PackersSo you might have missed LaVarzilla’s dumbest pronouncement of all: vowing Lonzo would leave if they didn’t sign LaMelo (a prospect, if one who’s 16 and weighs 165 pounds) and LiAngelo (not a prospect). Detecting a lack of interest, or fear, on the Lakers’ part, LaVar mused he might “buy my own team and come back and scoop all three of them.”Since the family fortune consists of Lonzo’s $6.8 million salary, it will have to be an inexpensive team.Maybe he can buy one in Lithuania and rename it the Chino Hills Huskies!Lonzo’s fellow UCLA alumnus, Reggie Miller, recently said he hoped the kids were enjoying Lithuania “because those two, in my opinion, have no chance at playing in the NBA. If he (LaVar) continues to open his mouth, all three of those boys are going to be playing overseas.”So with his father out of the picture, who is Lonzo? Lonzo Ball’s shooting woes continue as Lakers fall to Pelicans • First, he’s a rookie so no matter what you hear or read, it’s way too early to regard anything he has or hasn’t done as definitive.• He’s as gifted a playmaker as he was supposed to be.There’s a long list of compliments to choose from around the league. Among the nicest, then-Bucks coach Jason Kidd, who had – correctly – called the comparison to him “a stretch,” then watched Lonzo become the youngest NBA player ever to record a triple-double against his team.“A triple-double is going to be a norm for him and he’s going to fill out the stat sheets,” Kidd said, “but we’ve just got to give him time. We’re trying to put him in a microwave and speed him up.”• If Lonzo is gifted, he’s also an old-fashioned playmaker.Today’s great point guards are what was once called “shooting ones,” adept at spacing the floor and exploiting the opportunities whether they’re shooters like Steph Curry, or drivers like Russell Westbrook, or both like James Harden and Chris Paul, who take turns running the Houston offense.To date, Lonzo isn’t much of a driver or a shooter, one reason he’s so up and down. Greatness depends on being better at at least one of them.• Lonzo is a worse shooter than the Lakers expected.Goofy stroke or no, he shot 55 percent at UCLA and 41 percent from 3-point range. He’s now at 36 percent, 31 percent from 3-point range.• He’s not as bad a shooter as he was when he arrived.After making 26 percent of his 3-point attempts before Dec. 1, he’s at 33 percent since.Hey, you’ve got to start somewhere.• In the important one, Lonzo is only beginning to understand how hard he’ll have to work.The Lakers’ current standard for work ethic is Brandon Ingram, with the huge strides taken by Julius Randle and Kyle Kuzma showing they’re figuring it out, even if it took Julius four seasons and Kooz surprised all by doing it right away.At midseason the jury was out on Lonzo with some Lakers people concerned that he wasn’t all-in, worried that he was distracted by his fame – and show biz involvement.With rare exceptions, prospects are prospects for good reason. What separates them is dedication. Kobe Bryant might have been the hardest worker the game ever saw, which is how he turned out to be Kobe Bryant.On the other hand, there was D’Angelo Russell, a legitimate No. 2 overall pick but an immature one, as he showed by recording teammate Nick Young talking about women and seeing it somehow posted online.Hoping against hope, the Lakers said Russell was just “young” – at least until trading him.If NBA players are all celebrities and new-found fame is a problem for all, it’s even more the case for the most glamorous, entertainment biz-entangled franchise of all.Tales of the Lakers’ Hollywood nights date back decades with owner Jerry Buss branding them in the image of the local movie stars.It didn’t take success to keep their players on the A list. At the Lakers’ nadir, Jordan Clarkson – good guy, one of their young ones who tracked up dramatically – said he owed it to his family “but second probably the girls and stuff. Females. Know what I mean? I love women.”He meant women you see in movies or on magazine covers. Clarkson was reported to have gone on a “Lamborghini date” with model Hailey Baldwin and one to Magic Mountain with actress Bella Thorne.Related Articles Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more

Heisler: James Harden is most valuable, Kawhi Leonard the most available

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREUCLA alum Kenny Clark signs four-year contract extension with PackersMVP: James Harden, RocketsThe biggest award is also the dumbest. With no stated definition, it means something different to everyone so “deserving” can mean “has never won it,” as it does this season.This would be a harder choice if James and Russell Westbrook hadn’t already won the award. Harden never has despite averaging 28 points and 7.8 assists over the last six seasons, and just led the Rockets to the No. 1 record.It’s nice that Westbrook averaged a triple-double again … just not as nice as the press makes it. The best player isn’t really the one with the most triple-doubles. As awesome as Westbrook is, I’d take my chances building a team around Steph Curry, who’s more loved, while Westbrook is more feared.Least Valuable/Most Available Superstar: Kawhi Leonard, Spurs Missing all but nine games with a thigh injury the team doctor cleared him to play with in December, Leonard’s absence took the Spurs from elite to ordinary.With reports blossoming of a split between Leonard and his uncle/manager and the team, the Spurs are reportedly set to trade Leonard.Kawhi and uncle are also at odds with Nike, upset that the sneaker company was offering only a five-year $20 million extension and, supposedly, anxious to go to a big market. If all this makes Leonard look kooky, he’s only 26 and will promise never to do it again.Hey, this is a big market, isn’t it?Forget it. There’s no one the Spurs would be less likely to send Kawhi to than the Lakers, their traditional rivals … much less giving them the fire sale that the Spurs will have to accept wherever Kawhi goes.The Spurs are much likelier to deal him to an Eastern Conference team … like the Celtics – the ideal destination, in a big market, loaded with young players and future No. 1 picks they could include in a deal.Heart and Soul of NBA Award, AKA LeBron James Award: James, CavaliersWhether or not you agree with his outspoken politics, it’s nice to see someone who cares after decades of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant prioritizing their commercial interests.LeBron won this award in perpetuity last season in Boston when he went over to a developmentally challenged young man the Celtics had just honored and tousled his hair. The league still shows the clip and should as long as there’s an NBA.Best Management: RocketsWe’re combining the categories of GM and coach since success entails both working together. No one else was close.Under GM Daryl Morey the Rockets rebuilt from square one in 2010 after injuries ended the careers of Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady.Morey built an elite team – with special thanks to OKC for donating Harden and Chris Paul for enlisting with them – finishing it off with the Mike D’Antoni hire, the perfect coach for all their 3-point shooters.It was poetic justice for D’Antoni, reviled in wrong-place-wrong-time stints with the Lakers and Knicks, restoring him to his rightful place as a leading theoretician of modern offense.Honorable mention: Dennis Lindsey and Quinn Snyder, Jazz; Neil Olshey and Terry Stotts, Trail Blazers; Magic Johnson and Luke Walton, Lakers; Dell Demps and Alvin Gentry, Pelicans; Masai Ujiri and Dwane Casey, Raptors; Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens, Celtics; Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra, Heat.Crummy Owner of the Year, AKA Donald Sterling Award, AKA James Dolan Award, AKA Vivek Ranadive Award: Dan Gilbert, CavaliersBad management, on the other hand, flows from the top with plenty of goofball owners vying for the prize.Gilbert, the NBA’s luckiest owner, bought the team with James on it, drew three overall No. 1 picks and two No. 4s within four seasons – of whom only Tristan Thompson remains – and looks like he’s in the process of losing LeBron for the second time.Rookie of the Year: Ben Simmons, 76ersRoutine as this selection is, it’s amazing to see a first-year player as good, who improved his team as much, barely edge another rookie, Donovan Mitchell, the relative unknown who went No. 13 and worked similar wonders for the post-Gordon Haywood Jazz.Honorable mention: Jayson Tatum, Celtics; Lauri Markkanen, Bulls; Kyle Kuzma, LakersMost Suspect Prospect: D’Angelo Russell, NetsHe averaged 21 points and shot 46 percent through Dec. 1, 14 points and 39 percent afterward. Whether it’s injuries or still a lack of maturity, Lakers fans are delighted he’s no longer their problem.Honorable mention: Lonzo Ball, LakersYou shouldn’t write off rookies in a year or even two but … oops! Insiders love his play-making but he played just 52 games and shot 36 percent, leaving significant room for improvement next season – or else.Most Obnoxious Stage Parent of Year/Decade/Century/Millennium/Human History: LaVar Ball, assistant coach, Vytautas PrienaiHis gag-me-with-a-spoon self-promotion made the Lakers crazy before he took sons LiAngelo and LaMelo to the bright (Northern) lights of a Lithuanian village of 11,000.With LiAngelo, who wasn’t even a top prospect at UCLA, entering the draft, we’re eagerly awaiting LaVar’s reaction when the Lakers ignore his command to select Gelo on pain of losing Lonzo.Nothing against Lithuania, but now if we can just figure a way to keep LaVar there. At this time of year, I used to proclaim, “Thank heavens that’s over” – but that was when we had a team or teams in the playoffs.Now the season is all over locally. The young Lakers improved enough to keep their dreams of luring LeBron James and Paul George alive, although we’re about to see if they come true.The Clippers came to a crossroads and, with no good choices of which way to go, took one.To put it all in context, here’s who excelled, who didn’t, who will soon be elsewhere and who might join them.center_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more

Monday mailbag: Where these Lakers rank in franchise history, and probing for weaknesses

first_imgEditor’s note: This is the Monday, Dec. 9 edition of the Purple & Bold Lakers newsletter. To receive the newsletter in your inbox, sign up here.Anthony Davis just dropped 50, the Lakers have won 14 of their last 15 games, and on Sunday night, pop singer Lizzo was twerking courtside as the Laker Girls danced to her song.To paraphrase one of Lizzo’s most famous tunes: The Lakers are feeling good as hell.It’s an unabashedly great time for the Purple and Gold, off to a 21-3 start and leading the league in the standings as of Monday morning. They’re four games ahead of their next closest rival, the Clippers, and are one of just two teams (the other being Milwaukee) that have a top-5 rated offense AND defense. Davis also won Western Conference player of the week after averaging 35 points while the Lakers went 4-0 against a slate of opponents that was supposed to test them. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREUCLA alum Kenny Clark signs four-year contract extension with PackersAll these factors add up to a lot of confidence and certainty about the Lakers, which means not a ton of questions. At the moment, everything just seems to fit, and there’s less hand-wringing in Lakerland than there has been in the last nine years.But that doesn’t mean you don’t have questions. Let’s tackle a few now for our Monday mailbag:@raider_chucky wants to know: “Is this approaching one of the best Lakers teams in quite some time, any parrallels (sic) to Kobe and Shaq or showtime”?Let’s look at how long it took the last few Lakers teams to get to 21 wins.– In 2018-19: Dec. 30– In 2017-18: Feb. 4– In 2016-17: March 24– In 2015-16: Never. OK, so obviously these Lakers are much better than any team in recent memory, but you bring up a valid point: Are they ranking with some of the greats?So far, yes. The last time the Lakers were 21-3 was in the 1985-86 season (when they were 24-3) at the start. These Lakers would have a long way to go to match the best-ever 39-3 start in 1971-72, but we’re talking about very different eras here.Comparing the raw offensive and defensive numbers of these Lakers to Shaq and Kobe or the “Showtime” era doesn’t really make sense, but Basketball Reference allows us to compare them statistically to the rest of the league. A quick look at where these Lakers stack up among their peers compared to great regular-season Lakers teams of the modern era, with the rating and the parenthetical telling how much better or worse that rating is than the league average that year (plus is good for offense, minus is good for defense):– 2019-20 LeBron/AD (LeBrow) Lakers: 112.9 Ortg (plus-4.0), 103.2 Drtg (minus-5.7)– 2008-09 Kobe/Pau Lakers: 112.8 Ortg (plus-4.5), 104.7 Drtg (minus-3.6)– 2001-02 Shaq/Kobe Threepeat Lakers: 109.4 Ortg (plus-4.9), 101.7 Drtg (minus-2.8)– 1999-00 Shaq/Kobe First Title Lakers: 107.3 Ortg (plus-3.2), 98.2 Drtg (minus-5.9)– 1986-87 Showtime Lakers: 115.6 Ortg (plus-7.3), 106.5 Drtg (minus-1.8)– 1985-86 Showtime Lakers: 113.3 Ortg (plus-6.1), 105.8 Drtg (minus-1.4)– 1984-85 Showtime Lakers: 114.1 Ortg (plus-6.2), 107.0 Drtg (minus-0.9)A very rough measure of league dominance can be calculated by combining those two differentials. These Lakers have a 9.7 differential, which is better than all the other teams listed above. That’s kind of incredible.However, as we all know, the Lakers’ schedule gets much more challenging this month, with a five-game Eastern Conference road trip about to begin. There’s no guarantee that LeBron James and Anthony Davis stay healthy for the whole season, at which point this early dominance starts to take a dive. Even if they do, the Lakers might coast for a month or two at the end of the season while resting their stars, which will affect their overall league dominance. No one really knows what can happen.Of course, if this is a historic team, that won’t be measured by how dominant they were in the regular season. Even though the 1985-86 “Showtime” Lakers won more regular-season games than any other Magic Johnson team (65), they didn’t win the title. This is the standard by which every great Lakers team is judged. And arguably no one understands that more than the people in that locker room.“Not really allowing myself to go there,” Coach Frank Vogel said Sunday, when asked about how close his team is brushing to history. “To me, I wake up every day 0-0. I’m asking my team to do the same and, to look only at the game in front of us. All that stuff comes with your jobs, the media can talk about those things, but internally, we’re really just focused on getting better each day.”@GrantHDowling wants to know: “What is the most consistent weakness over their 24-game start that could end up being their achilles heel?”If you really want to ruminate on the Lakers’ three losses in 24 games, you can go down a bit of a rabbit hole. What do those losses have in common?In my opinion, there’s a clear blueprint here: The Clippers, Raptors and Mavericks all have a playmaking forward who can also score in volume. The Lakers have a real problem defending that consistently.That’s no fluke, but rather how the roster was constructed. The Lakers have a lot of great guard defenders. They have a lot of shot-blocking big men. But that in-between wing position gets very, very precarious after LeBron, and that’s arguably the most important position in the NBA. Kawhi Leonard, Pascal Siakam and Luka Doncic are all MVP candidates who have had great games against the Lakers. Doncic nearly beat them the first time they played. Yes, the Lakers can turn it on defensively, but as the Mavericks showed in their second-half adjustments last game, there’s more in their bag.It’s unclear how or if the Lakers can address this. The most smoke of any Lakers-related acquisition is in Memphis, where fans pine to find a way to add Andre Iguodala to the roster. The 35-year-old wing defending specialist who once hounded James on his way to the 2015 Finals MVP is cooling his heels, but all indications have been that it’s unlikely Memphis buys out his $17.2 million contract. The Grizzlies want an asset back, and with a number of contenders with more assets getting more desperate, it makes sense that Memphis could find a suitor for a trade.Defending wings who can keep up with the league’s stars are just hard to come by, and the Lakers don’t have that much in the cupboard for a deal without removing essential members a rotation that’s started out so well.It’s hard to pick bones with a 21-3 start, but if you’re looking for flaws, that’s where I’d start.— Kyle GoonEditor’s note: Thanks for reading the Purple & Bold Lakers newsletter. To receive the newsletter in your inbox, sign up here.Flex on those linksThe Avery Challege – How Frank Vogel kicked some life into his defense after they fell off with a key injury.For he’s a jolly good Melo – More Lakers than just LeBron were glad to see Carmelo Anthony back in the NBA.Half a buck – Anthony Davis hits a high-water mark as a Laker with 50 against the Timberwolves.Going for five – Jim Alexander speculates on the possibility that LeBron could get another MVP award.Overachievers and underachievers – Mark Heisler gets an eye on who is exceeding or failing to meet expectations.ADPOY – Could A.D. be the best defensive player in the NBA?This is for the haters – In the last newsletter, Mirjam took on the mantle of Old Takes Exposed.Fan of the year – I just enjoyed this boy on the big screen last night.center_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more

Tom Brady posts video of workout with suspended wide receiver Josh Gordon

first_img Lions QB Matthew Stafford played through ‘tiny fractures’ in back in 2018, reports say Related News Tom Brady recently got some work in with a surprising partner.The Patriots quarterback posted a video to Instagram on Wednesday that showed him throwing to suspended wide receiver Josh Gordon. Giants QB Daniel Jones not bothered by boos: ‘I’m focused’ John Fox says Bears have had NFL’s worst offseason The fact that the two are practicing together is an indication that Gordon will be factored in the team’s plans in 2019. View this post on Instagram He could be permitted to play as early the start of training camp, though there has been no recent update on Gordon’s status.The Patriots were reportedly paying for him to receive drug treatment at an inpatient facility in Florida earlier this year and working with the NFL and NFLPA to get him help.Gordon, 27, caught 40 passes for 720 yards with three touchdowns in 11 games last season for the Patriots. He also caught one 17-yard touchdown pass with the Browns before he was traded to New England. Practice makes perfect.A post shared by Tom Brady (@tombrady) on Jun 19, 2019 at 6:09am PDTGordon, who is serving an indefinite suspension for violating the terms of his reinstatement into the NFL, signed his restricted free-agent tender with New England in April and is scheduled to earn a base salary of $2.025 million should he be reinstated.last_img read more

VAR controversy once again as Argentina penalty sees Scotland crash out of Women’s World Cup

first_imgMilagros Menendez fired home first for Argentina, before a Florencia Bonsegundo shot hit the crossbar and bounced in off of goalkeeper Lee Alexander to set up a nail biting final 10 minutes.The excitement then seemed to have reached its peak when a penalty was awarded to Argentina in the 89th minute. Alexander stopped Bonsegundo’s effort from the spot, following it up with another save, seemingly securing the win for Scotland. But play was stopped to allow the referee to review the video footage, causing a long delay. Eventually, it was ruled that Alexander had stepped off the line before the spot-kick was struck and the referee ordered a retake, with the goalkeeper seemingly marginally off the line.This time Bonsegundo hammered it straight down the middle and past Alexander, completing a remarkable comeback.But the outrage that the incident caused on social media continued after the game, with many players, fans, pundits and even actors and politicians voicing their disdain for VAR. I still don’t fully understand how it works, but I understand enough to know that I hate VAR! @FIFAWWC— Nicola Sturgeon (@NicolaSturgeon) June 19, 2019Great game but let’s be honest that penalty re take was a serious serious joke….. Goalkeepers always come off there line, that referee is a disgrace…. and #VAR once again has ruined a great game of football.Feel bad for the girls, great effort, futures bright! @ScotlandNT— Tony Curran (@TonyCurran69) June 19, 2019Scotland have been completely done in by VAR in the Women’s World Cup. Two penalties conceded for the most pedantic reasons, one apparently clear not given their way.— Robin Bairner (@RBairner) June 19, 2019VAR is an absolute shambles, what a way to ruin football‍♂️ I’ve seen keepers on their 6 yard line before the ball is kicked…Gutted for them— Ryan Christie (@ryanchristie2) June 19, 2019Never seen anything like it. Taking VAR too far now. GK was hardly off the line! #SCOARG— Jamie Murphy (@Jamiemurphy89) June 19, 2019VAR is for pedants. Give us the game back and leave the letter of the law to lawyers.— Tony Barrett (@TonyBarrett) June 19, 2019Everytime I think Football has peaked and I’ve seen everything, it find something new. A VAR retaken penalty to help a team comeback from 3 goals down?— Carl Anka (@Ankaman616) June 19, 2019VAR has been existence for a season or two across most major men’s leagues. Why is it that we’re only now seeing this incredibly strict interpretation of the encroachment rule on penalties?— Seth Vertelney (@svertelney) June 19, 2019I’m a fan of VAR… But that’s a ridiculous decision once again against Scotland…all penalties would be retaken if goalkeepers are getting called for that…— Chris Sutton (@chris_sutton73) June 19, 2019VAR is exclusively for people who didn’t get picked for the school football team.— Rory’s Da (Sponsored by Good Pizza) (@EHDMJU) June 19, 2019VAR can only work when the people processing the incident understand football, which as it stands they don’t.— Trevor Sinclair (@trevor8sinclair) June 19, 2019 VAR was at the heart of yet another controversy in the Women’s World Cup on Wednesday as a chaotic end to the 3-3 draw saw Scotland women crash out of the competition.The Scots had a 3-0 lead over Argentina until the 74th minute of their final group game and still had a chance of progressing into the next round before their opponents struck back.last_img read more

John Deere Classic: Dylan Frittelli earns 1st career PGA Tour win after back-to-back low rounds

first_imgThe win will propel Frittelli up the FedEx Cup standings, where he previously sat 153rd and earned him an invitation to next week’s Open Championship at Royal Portrush. It will be the third consecutive Open Championship he’ll compete in after missing the cut the two previous seasons.”It’s still sinking in,” Frittelli said after the round, via “It means a lot. My focus this week was to just try and get some FedEx Cup points and try to move up in that top 125, and now, perspective is going to change big time. Jump on that flight and head over to the Open next week. Hopefully, I can be calm by the time I get there. It’s going to be a fun flight.”Calm. Cool. Collected.The winning moment.@Dylan_Frittelli claims the @JDClassic. 🏆#LiveUnderPar— PGA TOUR (@PGATOUR) July 14, 2019In addition to the Open invitation, he’ll also appear in next season’s first three majors.”It’s super helpful,” he added. “It’s an amazing feeling to know that I have some job security. I’m super excited and I can’t believe this happened.”Henley put pressure on the leader after rocketing up the standings with the low round of the day.The three-time Tour winner was seeking his first win since 2017 and used a spectacular round of 10-under 61 to stay in contention. However, Henley’s previous round over par wasn’t even to help edge out Frittelli.He finished in solo second (19 under) for his first top-10 finish of the season hitting a number of other milestones on the way.The round marked:The lowest round of his careerTied for the lowest final round on Tour this seasonThe lowest final round the tournament since 1983A career-high birdies for a single round (10)A career-best birdies through one week (28) 🔥 @RussHenleyGolf made 6 putts outside 7 feet today.8 feet8 feet9 feet14 feet26 feet46 feetHe’s looking for his fourth TOUR win.— PGA TOUR (@PGATOUR) July 14, 2019Andrew Landry rounded out the top three (18 under) while Collin Morikawa and Chris Stroud finished in a two-way tie for fourth (17 under). Four Americans tied for sixth (16 under), including Nick Watney and Charles Howell III. Bill Haas and Sam Saunders highlighted a sizable tied for 10th (15 under). John Deere Classic: Jhonattan Vegas shoots 62 to take 36-hole lead John Deere Classic: Cameron Tringale, Andrew Landry tied for lead going into final round The South African professional shot 7-under 64 to hold off a red-hot Russell Henley and claim the win with a two-stroke lead at 21 under.Frittelli played steady golf all weekend and made just one bogey throughout the tournament. He was mistake free Saturday and Sunday. Related News The Open Championship will be played in conjunction with the Barbasol Championship, which is held as an alternative to the major, next week.The Open will mark the final major of the season. It was a sweet victory for Dylan Frittelli.The first-time PGA Tour winner used back-to-back low rounds to jump to the top of the leaderboard and remain there in the final round of the John Deere Classic.  PGA Tour player Robert Garrigus back from suspension, still advocating for marijuanalast_img read more

What channel is Saints vs. Chargers on today? Time, TV schedule for 2019 NFL preseason

first_imgAs for a live-stream presentation, Saints vs. Chargers can be seen on fuboTV. New fubo TV users can sign up with a seven-day free trial. All nationally televised NFL preseason games will be available on fuboTV.Saints vs. Chargers: What time is kickoff?Date: Sunday, Aug. 18Start time: 4 p.m. ETSaints vs. Chargers is the first of two preseason games being played on Sunday.The Seahawks and Vikings play in the nightcap game, which will be aired on Fox.Saints preseason schedule 2019DateOpponentTimeAug. 9vs. VikingsL 35-24Aug. 18at . Chargers4 p.m. ETAug. 24at Jets7:30 p.m. ETAug. 29vs. Dolphins8 p.m. ETChargers preseason schedule 2019DateOpponentTimeAug. 10at CardinalsL 17-13Aug. 18vs. Saints4 p.m. ETAug. 24vs. Seahawks10 p.m. ETAug. 29at 49ers10 p.m. ET One of the biggest things to watch from a Saints perspective will be the development of the man responsible for snapping the ball to Brees this season — center Erik McCoy. The 2019 second-round pick out of Texas A&M has the starting gig locked down, but needs to continue developing chemistry with his quarterback following Max Unger’s retirement this offseason.MORE: Watch Saints vs. Chargers live with fuboTV (7-day free trial)On a Chargers’ front, Los Angeles fans are still waiting for the debut of 2019 first-round pick Jerry Tillery. The defensive tackle from Notre Dame underwent shoulder surgery prior to the NFL Draft and participated at practice in pads for the first time this week. His presence would improve an already stout defensive line that features Joey Bosa, Melvin Ingram and Brandon Mebane.Below is all the info you need to watch Saints vs. Chargers on Sunday afternoon.What channel is Saints vs. Chargers on today?TV channel (National): CBSLive stream: fuboTVThe Saints vs. Chargers game will be the first national broadcast of the 2019 preseason for CBS. Ian Eagle will take play-by-play responsibilities with Dan Fouts serving as the color analyst. If this were a regular-season matchup, two potential Hall of Fame quarterbacks would be set to face off in an epic duel as both Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers enter the twilight of their playing careers. Ironically, it was Rivers who spent two years as Brees’ backup in San Diego before he took the reins of the Chargers offense for good in 2006 when Brees left for New Orleans. Unfortunately this is a preseason game, and if either quarterback does indeed see the field, it will likely only be for a series or two. For the third season in a row, the two teams spent the week prior to their preseason game sharing the practice field, this year at Chargers’ facilities in Costa Mesa, California.last_img read more

MLB Power Rankings: Yankees climb to top of rankings; Indians knock on door of top 5

first_imgGood things come in threes, right?Musketeers, Hansons and Destiny’s Child are just some of the awesome things that come in threes. So it’s no surprise that of the good teams in baseball this season, there are three excellent ones. The Yankees, Dodgers and Astros each can make a claim to the top spot in the SN Power Rankings. But for the first time this season, the Bombers get the nod.  30. TigersPrevious: 30Much like last year’s Orioles, there are some doubts that the Tigers will hit 45 wins this year. The rest of their schedule isn’t favorable, either. While the Astros won the season series over the Yankees (4-3), New York’s recent torrid stretch (16-3 in August) pops it up to the top. It could be an ALCS series matchup. Yippee!MORE: Pete Alonso breaks NL rookie home run recordAnd then, in a potential World Series preview, the Yankees play the Dodgers in L.A. come the weekend. TV networks are probably drooling over the prospects of an L.A.-New York Fall Classic right now.But we’re still a bit of a ways from October — which means there’s plenty of time left for you to debate these Power Rankings.So, without further ado, the latest SN MLB Power Rankings. As always, do not @ me.1. YankeesPrevious: 3There’s good news for the Yankees: Luis Severino is on the comeback trail. James Paxton seems to be figuring things out. Luke Voit doesn’t appear to need surgery.There’s also bad news for the Yankees: Aaron Judge is in quite the funk: He has one home run in his past 108 at-bats and he’s hitting just .222 with a .672 OPS over that span with 41 strikeouts. The weird Bronx, devil magic that’s happening in New York this year means that you, dear reader, have as good a shot to be signed and hit .300 with 10 home runs as anyone else, but they’ll probably need Judge to get right to really make noise come the fall. 2. DodgersPrevious: 1It’s ridiculous to say Cody Bellinger is “slumping.” It’s fair to say that he might not be a .300 hitter. And that’s totally OK. Since his absurd start to the season, during which pundits and fans were asking whether Bellinger would hit .400 this season, Bellinger has “cooled off” all the way down to .317. His average was last over .400 on May 21. Since then, he’s hit .265 — but his OPS is still nuts (.973), which means he’s still getting on base.This is all to say stop relying on batting average so much. There are a million ways to get on base — and if a guy like Bellinger is still launching dingers to Saturn, then who cares if he’s a .265 hitter?3. AstrosPrevious: 2The Astros salvaged the last game of a four-game series with the A’s on Sunday, and have been pretty meh overall since their eight-game winning streak at the beginning of the month.At this point, you might as well turn the auto-pilot on for Houston. The division is all but wrapped up, and they’re World Series-ready, regardless of whether they end up with home-field advantage. 5. TwinsPrevious: 5Jake Odorizzi had a dreadful July: In five starts, he pitched to a 7.43 ERA, allowing 20 runs in 23 innings. He seems to have turned the corner (again), pitching much better in August, allowing four earned runs over 17 1/3 innings in August, good for a 2.08 ERA.Trade deadline acquisition Sam Dyson has been much better since returning from his biceps injury, and he will be a key for them the rest of the season. 5. BravesPrevious: 4That Braves bullpen, man.The Braves are the second-best team in the National League. Let’s check in on their rebuilt bullpen:Shane Greene: Nine games, 7 1/3 innings, 8.59 ERA, 1.066 OPS against, seven earned runs. He has been better over his past three appearances, not allowing a run vs. the Mets and two games vs. the Dodgers.Mark Melancon: Nine games, 7 1/3 innings, 7.36 ERA, .696 OPS against, six earned runs. Four of those runs were allowed in one bad appearance vs. the Marlins on Aug. 10.Chris Martin: Eight games, 6 2/3 innings, 8.10 ERA, .703 OPS against, six earned runs. A lot of this is over small sample sizes, and all three have pitched better as of late. But Atlanta’s playoff hopes, like every other team in the race, relies on a good bullpen the rest of the way.6. IndiansPrevious: 8The Indians have had a tough time beating teams over .500 this season, but split a four-game series with the Yankees this past weekend, and have a really, really easy schedule the rest of the season. Of their 37 games remaining, they play 19 games against sub-.500 teams.They also play six games against the Twins, which could decide the division.7. CubsCraig Kimbrel was activated Sunday, and the Cubs are really going to need him to get right. With the NL Central race tightening, Chicago’s bullpen is going to need to get right: Since the All-Star break, the ‘pen has 10 blown saves, which is tied for second in the majors, just one behind the Twins. That’s a lot of BS. Well, in Kimbrel’s first appearance back Sunday, he gave up a home run, hit a batter and struck out two in 2/3 of an inning. That’s the Craig Kimbrel Experience in a nutshell.There are reinforcements potentially on the way: Steve Cishek should be activated this week and Brandon Morrow could make his season debut at some point in September. Hopefully it won’t be too little, too late for Chicago’s NL Central chances.8. CardinalsPrevious: 11Oh, hi, Redbirds. The Cardinals needed Jack Flaherty to emerge this season as the team’s ace after another injury to Carlos Martinez and the uncertainty surrounding Alex Reyes’ return to the rotation. Well, after an up-and-down first few months in which Flaherty was mostly good, he’s allowed three earned runs in his past six starts.With Marcel Ozuna back and adding a bit of a boost to the Cardinals’ offense, St. Louis could really challenge Chicago for the Central over the last month of the season.9. AthleticsPrevious: 7The Athletics’ second-half surge continues, and they took three of four from the Astros over the weekend. They have several arms at Triple-A — including recently signed Matt Harvey and Sean Manaea — knocking on the door to the majors and who could help Oakland to an AL wild card.Oakland’s schedule is pretty easy the rest of the way — despite six games left against the Yankees and four against Houston — so expect the A’s to continue to win through the end of the season.10. NationalsPrevious: 9Max Scherzer is the Cy Young candidate and Patrick Corbin is the big-ticket free agent signing. But lost in the shuffle of Washington’s pitching success this season has been Stephen Strasburg.Strasburg’s durability has always been a big question mark, but he’s always either been hurt or good. Strasburg’s 2019 has been no exception to the rule: He’s been worth 3.9 bWAR on the season, his second best season by bWAR in his career. Scherzer is just about ready to return, just in time for Washington’s playoff push, while Corbin has been very good in his first season with Washington. If the Nats’ bullpen can hold together — a big question mark, even with the deadline additions — they could be a sneaky problem for the NL.Middle of the pack11. RaysPrevious: 10The Rays have fallen on some tough offensive times. They’ve been shut out twice so far in August; they’d been shut out four times before that this season. It’s amazing that they’re still winning despite key injuries to the rotation.12. MetsPrevious: 17The Mets have remained hot, playing to a 16-4 record over their past 20 games. Schedule or not, they’re playing the baseball they were expected to play since Opening Day, and a legitimate threat to make a run at the NL wild card.13. PhilliesPrevious: 12Jake Arrieta being shut down for the rest of the year is bad news for the Phillies’ playoff hopes. 14. BrewersPrevious: 15Christian Yelich is still neck-and-neck with Cody Bellinger for NL MVP, but man, it’s close, despite the WAR disparity between the two.15. GiantsPrevious: 13The Giants’ home run leaders: Kevin Pillar (17) and Mike Yastrzemski (16). Just like everyone thought would happen.16. Red SoxPrevious: 14Chris Sale’s elbow injury sounds … not great. If he’s done for the year, expect Boston’s title defense to come to an end before October.17. DiamondbacksPrevious: 18Nick Ahmed, long known for being a great defender but weak on offense, seems to have turned it around offensively this year, his best season to date (4.5 bWAR).18. AngelsPrevious: 20Justin Upton has been getting on base and hitting for power despite a low average in August, but it’s still concerning to see his numbers down overall in 2019 (even with the injuries).19. RangersPrevious: 16The Rangers, who once had aspirations of chasing a wild card spot, are 12 games back and a Hail Mary from the second wild card now.20. PadresPrevious: 19It sounds like Fernando Tatis Jr.’s electrifying rookie year is over, and it’s a bit concerning: Young players with back issues always makes you hold your breath.Bottom third21. RedsPrevious: 22The Reds are still being an annoying team, but with Joey Votto now on the shelf, who knows how much winning they’ll do over the last month of the season?22. Blue JaysPrevious: 24Bo Bichette has announced his presence with authority.23. RockiesPrevious: 21Trevor Story might be one of the most underrated players in baseball. He’s an elite defender and he’s got power. Screw your Coors narrative.24. White SoxPrevious: 25Not to be forgotten: The White Sox will have Michael Kopech back in 2020, another piece to the promising rebuild on the South Side.25. MarlinsPrevious: 26Just put Don Mattingly out of his misery already. 26. MarinersPrevious: 27We could see Felix Hernandez again before the end of the season, which is about as positive as it’s gotten for the Mariners in recent months. Also, Kyle Seager (Corey’s brother) has been excellent since the start of August.27. PiratesPrevious: 23After a dreadful June and July, Josh Bell seems to have turned it back on, with an OPS over 1.000 in August. It’s been little help for the Pirates, who are in a tailspin.28. RoyalsPrevious: 28The Royals went 9-3 coming out of the All-Star break. Since that stretch, they’re 5-16, 29. OriolesPrevious: 29If you like bad baseball, keep your eyes on the four-game set between Detroit and Baltimore starting on Sept. 13.last_img read more

BiH women U-19 team plays against Turkey

first_imgOn 2 and 4 April, BiH women U-19 football team will play two exhibition matches against Turkey at the stadium ‘Bare’ in Čitluk.Manager of BIH team Momčilo Stanić released the list of players for the match: : Mirjana Marković (Slovenj Gradec, Slovenija), Envera Hasanbegović (Salt City), Vanja Duronjić (Banja Luka), Miljana Novaković (Salt City), Nataša Ivković (Banja Luka), Antonela Radeljić (Mladost Nević Polje), Alma Felić (Mladost Poljavnice), Sara Kreča (Mladost Poljavnice), Sara Brkić (Mladost Nević Polje), Selma Kapetanović (SFK 2000), Merima Tanović (Leotar-Tex), Melisa Zukić (SC Sand, Njemačka), Alma Kamerić (Salt City), Merima Semić (Mladost Nević Polje), Bojana Trbulin (Mladost Poljavnice), Anđela Šešlija (SFK 2000), Melisa Hasanbegović (SFK 2000), Vukica Mićanović (Radnik-Bumerang), Monika Kuliš (SFK 2000), Albina Sinani (Čelik).On 1 April, the team will gather in Čitluk, and the first match will be played on 2 April at 3 p.m., while the second one will be played on 4 April at 11 p.m.last_img read more