Shanghai city ndustrial and Commercial Bureau announced infringement cases

believe that people hate deception, especially commercial fraud, let people hate teeth itch, thirty-fifth international consumer rights day to the end, Shanghai city Industrial and Commercial Bureau announced the 2016 top ten typical cases of violations of consumer rights, Sibelius Xiao Mian Cun, UNIQLO and other enterprises on the list.

parties Shanghai Ting Ting Tea Co., Ltd., the person in charge of hiring Chen Mou, Wang and other three people in the vicinity of the metro line ten Yu Garden station soliciting. The afternoon of April 6, 2016, Chen and a knowledge of 2 Japanese students and induce tourists to Yu Garden teahouse tea. Within 1 hours of five has drank ginseng Oolong Tea, jasmine tea, fruit tea, tea, Tieguanyin, Black Tea process of litchi and other six kinds of tea, tea each RMB 48 yuan (the price of a single display), a total of 1440 yuan. Each room charges 30 yuan, a total of 150 yuan fee and tea fees totaling 1590 yuan; the other to buy 198 yuan of ginseng tea and process Oolong Tea 326 yuan, a total of 2114 yuan.

Shanghai Kim culture art planning Co. Ltd. to solicit business, promote the enterprise attention, in the organization of children summer camp and micro film shooting in the service process, without Disney Enterprises Inc (DISNEY ENTERPRISE, INC.) authorized without authorization in its official website and WeChat public (Jin Yong Culture) on the use of "Disney" "(" Mickey Mouse "(graphics), Tinker Bell graphics) and other trademarks, so that consumers and the relevant public mistakenly believe that there is certain relationship with the activity of Disney company.

Shanghai love a special food Co. Ltd. Changning branch in the catering premises for external use of the menu brochure (including dishes prices) by using two different versions, were provided to the order in the lobby and rooms for the guests. Two versions of the menu brochure from the design to the content of the dishes are exactly the same, but there are differences in the price of some dishes. It has also been confirmed by the investigation that the parties have no obvious signs in their place of business or any other means to inform the customer in advance.

a lot of people in the interests of violations, most people will have a sense of rights, they will find the relevant departments to seek justice. Advertisers, advertising operators, publishers have an inescapable legal responsibility. Reality is the life of advertising, the new "advertising law" has been implemented, the majority of operators to further enhance the level of integrity management, to eliminate false advertising.

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