Returning home entrepreneurship to promote the construction and development of hometown

go home to start a business, do you know what to do? This problem has been plagued by a number of innovative entrepreneurs, strange and familiar with the environment gives entrepreneurs a different experience, also let them entangled in business or going. With the help of the government of Fuyang, many migrant workers have begun to choose to return home.

"migrant workers, evil is good, can not take care of young and old". A few years ago, in the family and attract call policy, in the local work for many years, Zhang Songfeng decided to return home — Anhui Province Jieshou City business, from the old metal recycling stem from the bank. After several years of hard work, he alone or partnership established 4 companies, driven by more than 300 migrant workers returning home to work, last year, sales of $80 million, the tax turned over to $about 2000000……

in the city to learn the skill into home productivity

16 years old junior high school graduation, far away from home, go out to work, dry coolies, picking up the tattered, he was an ordinary migrant workers, experienced a lot of hardships and difficult. Today, he has become migrant workers returning home in Fuyang, the creation of the advanced people.

Anhui filed in Fuyang, many people know that it is a big city with the population of migrant workers, Fuyang has a population of 10 million 500 thousand, is one of the largest cities in the country worthy of the name of the population. Fuyang is one of the 5 sources of migrant workers, as of now, there are still people in Fuyang perennial migrant workers.

43 year old Wang Zibin is another "Zhang Songfeng", he was born and raised in Fuyang, and after graduating from junior high school, and the majority of peers to migrant workers, "at that time the family was poor, go out to work to support the family".

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