How much is charge of lotus leaf rice

fast food at the beginning of the introduction of China’s food and beverage market gives the impression that like KFC, McDonald’s lack of nutritional content of fast food, just because of the different food culture, Chinese fast food is more popular with Chinese people. Break the traditional concept, Chinese fast food to provide convenient and quick, but also to give you enough nutrition supply, lotus lotus lotus is the only choice of Chinese fast food nutrition. How much is the lotus leaf rice snack?

lotus lotus lotus small fee to join the cost, only 1 to 30 thousand yuan can have such a wealth, good business opportunities. A small charge Museum theme restaurant headquarters in Qinhuangdao Wan Yu lotus Catering Management Co. Ltd. is a large-scale comprehensive catering institutions, the strength of its assets, involving food development, training, catering, catering retail catering chain four core business areas, the strength of the way ahead.

choose a good project is the key, but also a small investment, back to the fast, high profits. Lotus leaf rice fast food how much money to join the small lotus leaf rice to join only 1 to 30 thousand yuan, is a real small investment big return good project. Holding the core material package, to ensure that the product at the same time to taste the characteristics of business, to ensure that others can not follow suit. Steaming process to create a deep natural flavor ingredients, add lotus fragrance, tasty food more delicious.

Xiaobian introduce the lotus leaf rice snack to join. How much is this approximately, we charge small hall of lotus leaf rice joining fee is not generally low, about 1 to 30 thousand yuan to become the boss, the franchisees will then, company headquarters for the franchisee to provide free technical operation, so that after the franchise has a strength of protection join, lotus leaf rice definitely let you earn a snack. Cardiac action. Go to the message consultation.

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