How to use other people’s money to exercise their ability

a lot of people just started when they are very confused, do not know where the direction, do not know how to start, do not know how to start a business. Below, the small series for those entrepreneurs who take the initiative to take the initiative. Use other people’s money, exercise their ability!

Third, the early start of a little less utilitarian, not in order to solve financial problems to entrepreneurship. What do you really like, really see a problem, you can solve it, then you do. Do not have to melt into huge sums of money, to be listed. If you do not even spend 100 thousand dollars, it is necessary to melt hundreds of billions of dollars, I personally feel that this experience is of no significance.

Fourth suggestions: don’t understand today I venture narrow open a company and give your name card box and call yourself, CEO, to the understanding of the market, an idea into a mature business model requires the accumulation of experience. So, just entering the arena, to join other people’s company, spend other people’s money to practice their own ability is also very good. And with the accumulation of experience and improve, really one day when you set up a team, you will find that you can not do it yourself, you may also need a CEO, a product expert.

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