The secret of husband and wife shop

today, many people are constantly seeking new business opportunities, including investment, investment, agency, which will inevitably find partners, the family partnership is one of the more common, "shop" surely we are flattering. The boss of a chain of enterprises in a lecture to entrepreneurs mentioned that they will be devoted to a husband and wife of two entrepreneurs plan. The plan calls for a two husband and wife to apply to the chain; both husband and wife must work full-time. Thus, the "shop" is not only a casual chat when people view, today’s franchise companies have also started to "shop" on the agenda.

the "shop" business has many advantages:

advantage: with husband and wife, the benefit payments

once the two couples start their own business, the two sides are often the heart to a thought, an effort to make, in the business philosophy and methods generally does not appear large differences. This is essential for the development of entrepreneurship and its future development. The two sides do a good job of division of labor, perform their duties, help each other to remind each other.

now many couples stores are basically two couples together, take turns to look at business. Small business basically do not have to spend money to hire someone, save time and effort, but also eliminates some of the operating costs, compared with other stores, the advantage is not very obvious.

three advantages: the enemy, not every heart


"shop" is generally not such a situation?? the couple know, understand each other, less mutual intrigues; they jointly operate their own stores, and generally not what interests distribution on both sides have contradictions; differences in business, home door closed to discuss is solved not to mention, even to a big fight, at best, only be regarded as husband and wife, "a quarrel with a bed, a big problem.

A: the secret agreement

Secret two: a clear division of responsibilities

> the couple should be in Entrepreneurship

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