How much is the investment fund

snack stores mainly depends on how much the cost of investment projects and businesses choose to shop all necessary what is the specific cost link needs to spend the money, if you want to know the specific ways in which need to spend money just to see it.

snack bar investment is mainly used in the following three main areas:

first, initial planning costs. Includes fees for accounting, legal matters, and early market development, as well as administrative expenses for telephone and transportation costs.

second, decoration design and equipment acquisition costs. For the construction or lease of houses, purchase and installation of necessary equipment, the purchase of the first batch of raw materials, etc.. These facilities and equipment include kitchen cooking equipment, storage and refrigeration equipment, transportation equipment, processing equipment, washing equipment, air conditioning and ventilation equipment, audio equipment, safety and fire protection equipment, etc..

third, operating expenses and working capital. Including marketing costs, advertising costs, the cost of hiring and training staff, etc.. It should also consider unforeseen reserves, mainly used to deal with the amount of money outside the normal budget, generally 5% to 30% of the sum of the previous items.

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