Shop can not do business with two

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network is faster and faster, and the intelligent mobile phone is more and more high, so the mobile phone becomes a tool for a lot of people can not be less, many shopkeepers more because of too much attention to ignore the mobile phone shop. Since the phone WeChat added a few groups, every day there are friends in the group to grab red envelopes. One night, the group is rushing to red envelopes, the store came to a customer to buy two bottles of wine, and then bought a pack of Chinese cigarettes, is preparing to checkout, the customer and the 5 bottles of drinks.

I figured out a total of 275 yuan, the customer gave the money, I did not see, it directly to the other side of the 25 yuan. At that time, the customer said to me, "I feel like you are not in business." I was a little angry to answer the customer: "how could it be, my mind is not in the business, then what can it do?" Customers pick up the wine and drink the head did not go back.

generally have a customer to buy wine, I will look at what he is going to eat at the restaurant, when the customer to see the next door to the hotel, I went back to the store, is preparing to grab red envelopes. But did not find the money box next to only two one hundred yuan, because every customer shopping payment, I will get used to the customer to send the money placed beside the money box, then I will not busy when the money. Obviously just customers bought 275 yuan of alcoholic drinks and tobacco, I also looked for someone else’s $25, he should give me $300 to ah, how to give me $200, and I actually find someone else 25 yuan.

was wondering, the customer to buy a bottle of wine, I asked tentatively: "just like you only give me two hundred yuan, it seems to me one hundred yuan." The customer replied decisively: "I give you is 300 yuan, is your memory." When the customer is gone, the mobile phone does not stop to grab a red envelope sound, but at this time I have been busy to grab a red envelope, a red envelope up to a few dollars, at least only 1 cents, but I lost it is one hundred yuan ah, want to grab the number of red envelopes can meet here much, but always can not only grab hair.

so I will bring up the surveillance, from the customer to the store to buy drinks, and then give the money that a critical moment, eventually found that the customer only gave me two tickets for one hundred yuan, and I just took the people give money, even did not see the true and false, not to mention is one or two one hundred yuan of money, even change directly to the customer. Can be seen at that time my mind is really not in the business, but thinking about stealing red envelopes.

when I find the customer to go to the hotel, I’m sorry to say repeatedly seen in home surveillance, confirmed that he can give one hundred yuan, customers casually said: "one hundred yuan is not what, I had to see surveillance again." So I waited patiently and anxiously for a few hours, only to see the customer slow to look at the monitor, and then gave me a one hundred

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