The analysis of investment and operation of slimming ice cream shop

believe that many people are very love to eat delicious ice cream, but want to lose weight woman can not touch the ice cream, in fact there are many kinds of ice cream, for children’s services is a cute cartoon ice cream, focus on healthy people for slimming cream. Today, small make up to talk about thin ice cream shop investment analysis. If you are interested in this project, you may want to know in detail.

thin ice cream product features

1. security. Pure natural raw materials, no added, green food, nourishing the body, healthy food!

2. variety, you can make more than and 300 kinds of self-help ice cream.

3. low heat. Compared to ice cream greasy, too sweet etc, this product is the depth of the improvement is more suitable for Chinese, and low fat, low calorie, low sweetness, refreshing and non greasy, delicious not too sweet.

thin ice cream market analysis

into the summer, ice cream is undoubtedly one of the most popular commodities. Although there are a variety of ice cream on the market, but in general the same, the competitive advantage is not obvious, and thin ice cream with its special taste and rich nutritional value, make it unique. In 2015, the Franchise Exhibition, for example, among the many participating projects, the most popular thin ice cream by visitors, the site’s sales are also ranked first in the peer. Another self-service business model, but also different, so that it can better meet the needs of young people.

slimming ice cream tips

According to

reporter survey, the project investment is the most suitable place for shopping center, shopping center: one is a large flow of people, and people accustomed to the greater demand for the idle away in seeking pleasure, ice cream; two is less rivals, most shopping center is McDonald’s, KFC in the sale of ice cream, for investors is a good advantage; three is a relatively busy commercial street shopping center in the premise of ensuring the flow, store rent is relatively cheap, rather than the second tier market, rents similar premise, the flow of people and large shopping malls than the second tier; the four is to enter the shopping center of consumer groups for high income people. For 7 yuan 50 grams of ice cream prices high degree of acceptance.

in addition, like some of the surrounding areas of the school is also a good place to invest in thin ice cream shop, rent is relatively cheap, and the flow of people to ensure. Its biggest drawback is that it has a certain impact on the winter and summer vacation, but according to industry insiders, if the investors in the intersection shop, this adverse effect is very small.

with this ice cream, even dare to lose weight woman eat, in the market of commendation

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