How to reduce the operating costs of food and beverage investment

food and beverage industry is a field of preference for many investment franchisees, because many people think that the food and beverage industry does not need too much business skills, less investment costs, higher returns. But early entrepreneurs do not know investment in food and beverage industry if you do not pay attention to capital controls, you will likely lose everything, so how to effectively reduce the cost of investment management is a necessary condition for food catering business success.

here to talk about the low cost of investment, and return on the prospects of good food and beverage investment projects.

investment fast food store less effective

is now walking into the streets of every city, and all kinds of fast food shops that offer a variety of attractive flavors can be found everywhere. Especially in operation of the Hamburg based KFC and McDonald’s, every day in a continuous line of people, let each people want to invest with. But such a good investment project is not anyone can afford, only a few million dollars to join this one to make a lot of investors prohibitive.

In fact, there are many

in the market is committed to the development and service similar to the small KFC franchise chain and regional agents. Such fast food restaurant chain investment cost is low, the general store costs, remove the store rent, as long as 30 thousand yuan or so, and its services and products but strive to move closer to the large chain stores. Such as a fast food chain in Hangzhou, the use of milk tea and snack shop convenience advantages, to operate milk tea category, fruit juice drinks, hamburger sandwiches, etc.. If you want to join them, as long as you find a not less than 10 square meters of the facade in the city, early into the decoration costs, equipment costs, material delivery fees and related auxiliary joining fee of RMB 15 thousand – 30 thousand yuan, you can put a small convenient fast food shop opened up.

experts remind: open this kind of fast food site selection is an important factor in success, must be selected before the flow of people, whether or not to conduct a detailed investigation of the surrounding peers.

investment management features snacks

China’s vast territory, eating habits vary from place to place, all over the dishes have their own characteristics, the characteristics of the penetration of the food is amazing, because people prefer to eat, as long as there is a good thing, will be able to spread widely. Now the special snack shops are generally in the mode of chain business development, the scale can be large or small, if you do not very good, you can try to find an area of 30 square meters of small stores, small scale.

we take Xi’an cold noodle hamburger shop as an example, a 30 square meters of shops, fixed investment first to prepare 50 thousand yuan, including renovation expenditures, equipment spending and franchise fee. The next thing to consider is the daily expenses of setting up shop, including rent, utilities

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