How to help the cigarette business account

business customers can only continue to improve their performance, higher profits, so the store can run for a long time, the cigarette for service providers, can also get more long-term benefits. Through years of service work, I deeply realized that cigarette business is a seemingly simple but not easy thing. If there is no certain accounts, some customers may suffer losses, some even closed.

especially at present, due to the decline in the overall economic situation, demand inflection point approximation adverse phenomenon customer sales decline, customer inventory is relatively large, as a customer manager, we must find ways to help customers a good account, through the accounts to help customers to change the mode of operation, improve the operating income.

how to help customers account? There are two ways I take.

one is to guide customers account. Due to the special nature of the cigarette business, the customer ordering cigarettes is not on demand, white, not what the best selling cigarettes can be ordered. It is not into any smoke on what cigarettes are sold. In this case, I will remind customers in order to get cigarettes when ordering.

this account is to account for large accounts, according to their own business model to choose the most reasonable supply of goods. In addition, the supply order has to be considered after operation, can use the cigarette liquor collocation or other commodities business, can take the level of profit collocation operating mode, as long as a business to earn the most reasonable return on the line.

two is to guide the customer account. Under the condition of market economy, there is an inevitable fluctuation of the price of cigarettes. In the guidance of customer management, I will guide them to use the people I have, I have gifted people to learn to calculate long-term accounts. Rather than calculate the immediate interests of small, so long term accounts to avoid operating losses as far as possible, improve operating income.

in addition, I often help customers through inventory inventory, market research, etc.. As long as it is able to obtain legal benefits for customers, I will try to provide them with a good account service. Through the accounts service, ability makes the customer scientific management, reasonable management enhancement, their operating income is relatively improved, thus to gain a sense of our services will continue to strengthen, naturally more supportive of my work, every time units have new task, as long as we can communicate effectively with clients, they can actively support my work, so I better finished the sales task.

it’s a big loss for cigarette makers if they have to close their doors because of poor management. So, if you want to make more money, naturally also need to help cigarette customers, so that their business more

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