The tremendous business opportunities in the automotive industry

with more and more people can afford to buy the car on the road, the car is also more and more, the owner is sure to take good care of the car, in the vigorous development of the automotive industry today, and what the surrounding industry is a huge hidden opportunities? Then we have to talk about the auto industry!

the selected place of business around don’t have the same industry management, place of business must facilitate traffic, extending in all directions, to go straight, be located in the area, intensive family cars such as: gas station, parking lot in high-end residential etc.. The surrounding environment and facilities are also very important, such as the legality of the location of the operation, the source of electricity, water pipes, fire safety, parking space, etc.. The corresponding cleaning equipment: under normal circumstances, 2 guns, 2-3 person, 1 days at least more than and 20 car wash, car wash according to the market, large trucks 25 yuan 1 cars, cars and vans 10 yuan 1 cars, motorcycle 5 yuan 1 vehicles, excluding rent, wages, water and equipment depreciation costs, benefits it is obvious.


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