Site also recognize the situation do not let the site to do Baidu and Tencent battlefield

Baidu and Tencent are competitors, there is no to war, yet not all-out war, but to the opponent makes a little shove, that is a must. Especially the recent Discuz is fire, but also QQ landing, but also QQ group to get through. I dare say, Discuz is just a white mouse that QQ has got through the whole network, and now many non Discuz program websites can login directly with QQ. This is the best proof. In this way, Tencent can dominate the entire network of total stations. In fact, this is nothing wrong, the key issue is that Tencent did so, Baidu’s dominance will change, because Baidu can not be as Taobao resources. Users do not use Baidu search, you can also use Google, soso, Youdao… Search tools.

recently I do two new sites, are using the program Discuz, two station every day is the original update, the chain, Links…., but one station is a strange situation, Baidu included is included, but not included in my posts and pages, would prefer to go to the space included members a dynamic page and also not included pseudo static pages I, seemed to be angry with me like.

I checked the website of

chain, Links, robots.txt document… Etc…, what problems are not found. Also asked some of the experts, they have not encountered. I think of the current situation in the Internet, Tencent layout, and so on, Baidu will be finished. Baidu may borrow this time to update, tap, tap, use Discuz program webmaster, even if there are any problems, you can also make technical mistakes to make excuses. I believe those Baidu not included in the normal Discuz site, will certainly be converted to PW procedures. Because PW site has not found such a situation.

actually, you can think about it this way. Why the Discuz version of X from 1 to 1.5, and now to 2, especially the 2 version, has improved a lot of SEO optimization, but still included bad, Discuz procedures to do the station or have included problems. This is not the Discuz X version of the program can not, but was secretly hit by Baidu. While the dropping flowers pine for love, how hard is useless. Now Discuz executives should have thought of this reason, even if know, also can only swallow. Because Baidu is still very powerful and unbeatable.

PS Robin Li: you are so rich, let us stop these long, you what we fight on, don’t have the ability, you ah, Robin Li also to engage in such a good program ah, my first with you. You webmaster friends, we also want to consider the site of the current situation, or else how the site did not know how to die.

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