Rookie also say do station

often come here, there has been no published idea, today found that Baidu collected to my website, very happy, very excited, so I want to write articles, mainly talk about the idea, there is dissatisfaction with you, is really the idea is by the way to promote the site, I think everybody can understand.


webmaster, very hard, do not know if you have this feeling, there is interest, some for RMB, I belong to the latter, is to do stand up for pocket money, in fact, can not expect this to make a fortune, fortune is so few, most people still earn some pocket money. I began to do 01 years from the station, but to earn a little money is 05 years after the start, not what experience, made a very early entertainment station, station site, here is not out, to my new station here, to see how,, actually did not start to make a stand, this is a domain name to buy space to send, think can not be wasted, so I opened the station, the search engine is not included, I do stand usually rely on search engines to flow, so don’t ask, not boring. Think sometimes to flow a bit of humble webmaster, I can not do this, in real life for a position I do not do, not to mention in the network world.

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