Seven traces indicate that you need to improve your site

we all know, the Internet at lightning speed change (possibly faster), means, method and technology in the unceasing change, when you see a technology, people might have been used in 3 years ago! Your footsteps have been unable to benefit the Internet and day to achieve synchronization. Fortunately, there are some obvious warning signs to show you that your site needs to be improved.


one, your website looks like an encoded freak

how does this happen? You hire a designer to create a web site, and then when you need a major overhaul, you hire another one to solve it. And then repair, and then repair, repair, so repeated. Redundant code, invalid code so far, your web site is like a mess of bad code, and a better way is to make your website a whole new beginning.


two, the use of a large number of Flash technology,

Flash appeared in large numbers about ten years ago. Now, most websites are making as much effort as possible to avoid using flash technology, because your visitors want to access the information they are looking for as quickly as possible.

in fact, the Flash boot page may even prevent visitors from viewing your web site. In browsers, it takes a lot of time to load flash. When they wait, they immediately click the "back" button or move elsewhere.


three, your website lacks social sharing function,

we are now living in the Web2.0 world, and it is all about communications and networks. Your website is not a billboard or print ad, it should be a community that allows users to participate actively. If this function is missing, this means you have to leave these social networking sites. The more you let users in, the more you stay on your site. Please register micro-blog (or all kinds of social sharing web service), you can install the "share" button if you have a certain technical ability, you can even for a major Internet service providers to open API, to develop the network components about you. You should at least open a web page on your website that runs fast and runs on micro-blog’s fan page. These social networking sites are some of the most popular places on the web, so you should be there,



four, your site structure is HTML form

a few years ago, tables were used for major design sites. Today, it’s entirely past. Tables are difficult to read, and they are almost impossible to find by search engines. As a matter of fact, they are technically >

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