The edge of my web site from interest to living

did not expect he has entered the ranks of the head, I do not know this is all necessary or decreed by fate, saw a lot of friends to discuss a grassroots webmaster of good and bad, why do I always consider their own station, line for almost two years, did not put a little savings, now work for a living, whenever I depressed from time to time, all Admin5 see the webmaster written text, I know that some are talking, some may be really successful by the station, no matter who is true or false, I still like to see the webmaster wrote the article, "the wind is much higher, the more I have passion, dream one day I only fancy venture, now try to stand well, the grass I talk about do stand experience:

By the end of 2006 to start the

contact website, remember to listen to a senior learning website is not difficult, follow the steps to learn, he said I have learn to learn PS based HTML CSS, and then recommend a Dreamweaver, OK! With his words I quickly ran home from work every day, start every day remember learning kuanglian mad mad. Remember in order to save money, often after work to the bookstore, where the books are all, computer books are very much, I have been looking at, two hours after reading a Dreamweaver, go home, began to practice. I remember the pages I made when I was practicing were all generated automatically using DW, without handwritten code, but in my opinion, a small amount of junk code was generated in dw. One of the relatively good books I saw in the bookstore was the web refactoring, and from that book I began to master the CSS layout page. Two months after I lost my job, quit his job at home was depressed for two months, playing for two months, the two month is the new year, two months at home to the video tutorial, dreamweaver., flash, golive, ASP, ASP or yunliwuli at that time. Remember that year’s Spring Festival on their own alone in the year, this is the second time alone on New Year’s day, the kind of feeling good depression. Open to find a job, remember in a local network company to candidates refused, my heart is very hurt, but later when I came back from the field that my boss want me to cooperate with them, of course I was the boss for 07 years, went to the field to do the web page design three months, quit again, back to his city, determined to do the local city portal, up to now feel that the idea is naive, of course, the so-called city portal is also do the news to others crazy news copy and paste, and then make a classification of information can publish information station, remember that copy of the local news the newspaper said, people call me a violation of their articles, I sweat, and I had to withdraw from the station, do stand negative, especially reluctant to re engage in the local station, until now I swear No company, no capital, no local websites.

in a hurry to stay in the house for half a year, the equivalent of six months without income, oppression, forced to return to work, go to a local network

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