Video sites plunged into winter changing ideas is a new opportunity

today to see the webmaster online news " lawsuits difficult in June 5 companies suffered another prosecution", 2009 is the video site of the winter, although there are still many webmaster in the management of their own video site, but can be truly profitable only in the top five of and, 56 nets, cool six nets and six rooms of the five sites. But look at the five domestic video website is not in smooth water, lawsuits, cool six nets quietly transition, this year’s winter visible video website of this industry is really cold.

"09 year Q1 Video Website User Research Report" is analyzed with the video sharing site competition, industry reshuffle will continue; especially in the financial crisis and the fuzzy profit model, makes the video website survival more difficult. And for the first echelon of Youku, Tudou and 56 networks, because of its strong capital base, large user size, complete product types, its competitive advantage in the crisis is obvious.

you see the video site so in the form of a huge cost must face bandwidth, server, promotion, technology upgrading these uncontrollable invisible investment, a lot of small website owners have to die as a top priority in the winter. Stationmaster faces such grim problem, how can ability be in winter besides self preservation, still can gain somewhat,


is looking for a new express to carry it. Video sites have a great deal of development, the emergence of 3G. With China 3G launched, there must be a user through the mobile phone and the Internet whenever and wherever possible to browse the video and video release, let 3G video interaction becomes more simple and rapid, the content will be more abundant, which provides an opportunity for the appreciation and development of video website at the same time, the development of 3G but also to the owners to bring no small ads income, can not only maintain the survival of small video website, maybe it will grasp the opportunity, fame.

video website in the winter is not without hope, a lot of people and friends for the video is full of demand, the video seemed to give people is a platform, a platform to show themselves, like Back Dorm Boys, Guo Degang and so on are all rely on the grass root famous star video.

at the same time, video recruitment, video selection in our internet life is a new product. Adsense network ( Wen Yang see today’s e-commerce is so hot, the webmaster should also see Taobao trading plan to deal with the contradictions and friction. The video will appear to both parties bring convenience, but also increase the real transaction, this is not for the video site a chance? The webmaster not only from a perspective of video website, but should be designed around a buried type small seize opportunities to the industry, to add a small fire for their own take warm winter.

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