Use third pages rationally to increase traffic and income

third page also called induction page, a successful third page, not only can increase the flow of the site, more can greatly increase the income of the site. Take the movie station for example. Let me show you how to make a more successful third page.

first to determine the third page which is in order to increase the flow, which is used to make money, to the movie station for example I recommend to the film flow exchange alliance flow, now the quality of film search is uneven, many are not guaranteed. Here I recommend 3 good as for other film flow swap we can try but the quality is not very good, there is some navigation station (such as for traffic exchange, then some other traffic collocation union select picture type (click high beauty picture Oh ~) this can be just used movie search Alliance web site navigation station, the code generation difference, increase click on the web. The success of a third page generally pay more attention to the degree of integration of the web page, so I prefer to use the custom code can flow the traffic exchange Alliance (like more like a content rich pages from the visual impact, so a third page can take a draw from flow. Make money mainly choose some kind of advertising can download or registered advertising you can directly use the integral sale flow Alliance for profit, the success of a third page generally account for a web site to 1/2 or even higher income.

in conclusion, the third page guarantees the cleanliness and tidiness of a website as well as increases in revenue and traffic. My QQ:530255265 hopes to pass this platform to more webmaster friends, learn from each other.

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