Ten days the key words to achieve Google first record and found


This article explains how the

within ten days of the Google keyword do first, and found some features of Google in the process, this article is to tell the truth, experience record, verification, not to exaggerate the effect, the spirit of the Internet not only happy people happy to share the spirit of the principle, so to give you a pat on the brick


said the first one first, the words the author station do not much competition, from the line to tenth days will have keywords do the first, which also changed a domain name title, is a new application, now look at this keyword competition


keyword competition,


the author selected two chain powerful competitors and some common competitors, two strong opponents are outside the chain chain of 7K and 5K, and is the site of more than one year, were ranked first and fourth in Baidu, the middle of a Baidu know. At Google, one is sixth, and the other 10 pages are missing. Other common competitors site is also more than a year, the chain is unknown,


site as a whole and included

domain name is new applications, so far is less than twenty days, to row to Google’s first also ten days time, the station a total of seven pure HTML page, and the rest are dynamic order page. Keywords tool detection results are as follows: the total length of the page text: 768 character keyword string length: 5 characters, keywords appear frequency: 8 times, with a total length of 40 characters: the keyword density, results: 5.2%! No chain link, the chain of tenth days on the base is five or six bookmarks, blog and, the forum signature, probably less than 50! Did not buy any home outside the chain link! The query tool can be found only five! Fifth station and sixth days of Baidu and Google began to include seventh days to modify title and meta information, and on the seventh day the station to modify the code in accordance with W3C standard tenth days! Small home page Google update,

keywords to the first place!Layout of



station appears eight times, all within the P tag! Title and meta label’s first keywords! Considering the H1 label if CSS is used to control the font size and even intelligent search engine cheating (not verified, only the individual, if not conjecture) to control the size and appearance, so give up H1 Tags with a five strong tag! There is a very important is that the first home start the first words, but also bold! But not every words are out at the beginning of the paragraph, because it is safer, more natural, more search engines do not think you cheat! To the chain station the home page also use the strong tag


modifies title and W3C


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