Who is the real name authentication who paid for the network real name

from May 1st onwards, Hangzhou began to implement the new "Regulations" in Hangzhou City computer information network security protection and management regulations, "provides electronic bulletin, online games and other instant messaging services, with user registration information and publish information audit function, and truthfully registration valid proof of identity for the creation of the service to the user so, generally speaking, Hangzhou Internet users to real!

this provision, immediately aroused hot Internet users, mixed.

network real name violated what rights of Internet users?

Internet users are most concerned about privacy and freedom of speech. Does Internet real name violate the privacy and freedom of speech of Internet users?

The original intention of

‘s real name is to ensure that the post holder is responsible for his speech and suppresses cyber violence. We refer to the Internet real name system in Korea. "The real name system in Korea is a flexible real name system.". Internet users are allowed to use their code names to replace their real names and publish information online, which protects privacy and ensures that the post owner is responsible for their own statements."

then, the Internet real name will not infringe on the privacy of Internet users and the right to freedom of expression, unless some Internet users maliciously publish yellow, violent and other illegal content.

How does the real name system of

network operate?

network real name system, the Internet users need to whom the real name: 1, for other Internet users real name; 2, the real name of the registered website; 3, the real name of the national regulatory authorities. In order to ensure that Internet users privacy and information is not leaked, 1 and 2 is not feasible.


recommendations of the national identity card number of civil service center in cooperation with domestic websites, users registered account on the site, increase site ID number query module, user name and ID number, and the information will be submitted to the "national identity card number of civil service center, service center will give feedback to the registration site and query results the user, if the information is true, is registered successfully.

we know that the use of "national identity card number of civil service center" query citizen identity card charges 5 yuan for each, the query cost by the web site or Internet users bear bear? Certainly do not want to bear the costs, the site has no obligation to pay any fee for the user query, the situation will have Internet malicious registration. So who will pay for the Internet real name,


network real name website example

currently has websites in China that carry out real name business. Let’s take a look at the operation modes of these websites:

one campus network (http://s.www.xiaonei.com)

campus network is an earlier real name dating site, is a real social network. Campus network audit user information is relatively simple, according to the user submitted personal information, school information, etc., using artificial judgment way, generally guaranteed the user’s real name.

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