Financial crisis individual to the winter of small and medium sized website a bit suggests

finished the two credits at the end of his senior year and worked as an entrepreneur for a B2B project with a Taiwan leader team. The outcome is angel financing OK, but Series A financing products assorted, failed to disband. For 8 months. Entrepreneurship is very hard, very use the brain, but the outcome is a failure, grievances. So I can feel the pains of the stationmaster in winter.

              the advent of the financial crisis, all walks of life are subject to shocks. For the Internet industry, the core impact of three points:

first, the capital market began to reduce investment in blood loss; two, the export industry chain was seriously hit; three, the consumption capacity of residents was reduced, resulting in a huge reduction in income from various industries.

from these three angles analysis suggestions, hope to small and medium-sized website webmaster through cold winter help. How will the small and medium-sized stationmaster dance with the VC of blood loss in the future? Why everyone says the financial crisis, VC also broke three sets of data?.


in the third quarter of 2008, venture capital institutions raised $492 million, $3 billion 17 million in the previous quarter, down 84%, and the trend was down sharply. One of the reasons why venture capital reduces investment is that global LP are busy making up bad debts and failing to give venture capitalists the right way to go.



in the third quarter of 2008, there are VC/PE background IPO and mergers and acquisitions, the chain fell 50%.

(venture capital investment to reduce investment of two reasons: the IPO merger and closed the door, more and more difficult to exit the market, road blocked.



entered in 2008, China’s Internet venture capital investment cases continued to decrease, the third quarter fell 26.3%; the amount of investment fell by 6.8% qoq. (note that venture capital has started to look at projects very carefully, non extreme good projects are not available, and risk appetite for investment projects declines. ) then, in this difficult to finance period, what should the webmaster do?

1. adds concepts to the project BP: virtual currency, CMS architecture, a little SNS concept, a long tail effect, and a market size of over 1 billion rmb.


2. BP, please do not repeat the phrase "market size is XX, and we can reach the X annual income level by only one percent of them".

this way has been used up, VC also have aesthetic fatigue; secondly, the void space. To describe clearly how differentiated marketing cakes are, why is this X’s annual income yours instead of others?

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