About the forum operation and management of some experience sharing

contact forum for nearly a year, most of the time is responsible for operation and management, the Forum on the operation and management of some summary, to share with you.

, the basic settings of the forum

establish a forum, we must make clear what the theme of the forum, which people, which aspects, content and so on. According to the classified section, not just established what popularity is first divided into several small sections, scattered or content, posting each section are less likely to cause the ice. The forum must find a suitable moderator, moderator is also a very important problem, if you can find some famous people to do the moderator is good, but there is a problem is the celebrity generally do not have much time to manage the forum, so also need to find some time and ability to the management person for Moderators, combined with organic celebrities, play their respective roles.

to do this is not enough, there must be a set of reasonable regulations do not allow members to send a violation of the law, the general provisions of this very long, almost no one wants to see, so to briefly put those into several restrictions and fetters.

two, how do you make members active,


after a number of promotional methods, with a part of the membership, many people will not fit into the family, which requires reasonable guidance, using a series of methods to enliven them.

first, when membership registration can be set up to send welcome message and email, tell members about the theme of the forum and the use of methods in text messages and emails and join the forum what you can get, for example, can learn the knowledge, can get the latest trends of the industry, can obtain non-public service qualification of a well-known website etc.. This will allow them to further understand the desire of the forum, and then try to use the method of use, at least to teach them how to post, how to respond.

and then set the reward. Money, contribution and prestige are the default in the forum. You can give them a character’s name, then take some incentives to motivate members have rewarded desires, such as setting the task can get the corresponding reward, reward a certain number of what can exchange like this, like the strategy and policy of fruit business forum bean is very good, a lot of people in order to get the strategy of beans to invite a friend to register, it can also promote the forum.

three, why isn’t the forum popular?

believe that many people have this question, why my forum optimization and promotion do well, or no popularity, I think you must have neglected something.

1, content is not enough, attractive, not clear what the members want is not fresh, are outdated news, less original content, not included in the search engine rankings. Many forums use collectors to collect articles, so that although the number of Posts up, but it can not guarantee content is altar

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