Easy to do station new line two months PR from 0 to 4

GOOLE New Year’s gift at the end of 2008, let me set up two months of new web site PR from 0 to 4, here to share with you my new station growth record.

November 1, 2008, my Xuzhou recruitment network officially launched www.0516zp.com, the domain name is registered as a few months ago, but had been parked in the state, in order to quickly attract spiders are included, in November 2nd at the same time I found four or five high quality of the chain (Note: only two months to do the chain, not in any any website advertising), manual entry of several messages, waiting for the arrival of the spider, the day is every night to check the log, found that GOOGLE spider to the fastest, the day appeared, Baidu spider second genius, and many other engine spiders ignored this. GOOGLE line on the site include the second day, while Baidu has not been included, every observation log, found that Baidu spider come every day, is not included, during his broken on the website to fill point of content, there are also some users fill in the content, such as for nearly a month, Baidu is not included. Until December 3rd the day….

December 3, 2008, Baidu began to included and found out 227 records, the earliest snapshot date is November 4th, that is to say the fact that Baidu would have included, just for the new station, need to study the period of one month, to prevent the misuse of the garbage station (by the way, in order to confirm that many online friends say a problem that had parked domain name Baidu not included, so, with the Xuzhou recruitment network the domain name 0516zp and on-line as well as the other two had parked domains, then look for a two space, just hang up a simple introduction page, two months also smoothly by all engines, included time with the Xuzhou recruitment network the domain name 0516zp, thereby proving that Baidu will not K out where the domain name, unless it is parked before K domain Name or not really want to do a good job site, as long as the intentions of the site, Baidu is willing to included)

in December 31, 2008 opened my recruitment network in Xuzhou, suddenly found that the PR value from 0 to 4, ha ha, what mood, we should all understand. Although I’m not trying to do the PR value, high quality the chain had just wanted to quickly guide the spider patronage, but GOOGLE’s New Year gift is very happy, it seems the high quality of the chain still has very big effect to collect and improve the PR value, a friend said the PR value may be unstable, but it does not matter, because it is my purpose to do stand rather than deliberately to pursue the PR value, the PR value so high and low doesn’t matter to me, after all, do most of our website is the webmaster of the true purpose.

above is my two months site observation, welcome to communicate with each other. I wish all the webmaster ox >

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