Current situation of quality management of automobile industry in China

in recent years is an eventful year in automotive industry. The quality of automobile has become a barrier that Chinese automobile industry has to face. For the owner, the car will have a considerable chance of facing a variety of troubles later. One problem has been solved, and another problem has emerged. Every year, the big car factories continue to upgrade and upgrade their products. It is difficult to solve the old car problems, new car type listing, a variety of new quality problems emerge again. The automobile forum, friends often said to buy a batch of domestic new car as "mouse"; while buying a car but within the warranty period of 2 years have been a big problem what people are described as "good luck, hurry to buy lottery tickets".

oil leakage from the crown, Reiz engine, Audi CVT gearbox will accord; from the "wedding" incident to the Mazda axle abnormal noise; oil leakage from the Jetta engine, BMW engine to burn oil, from the public to hit Daben, oxen BMW, Chinese domestic cars, luxury cars, entry of foreign brands without exception, the domestic brands, the emergence of various quality problems. The types of problems are summarized as follows:

· design quality (such as CVT, gearbox, half shaft, engine)

· assembly quality (all kinds of oil leakage, oil leakage, abnormal sound)

· spare parts and raw material production quality (fracture, damage)

· the quality of maintenance service (the production link can not be properly solved, become the quality of maintenance)

quality problems are playing an increasingly important role in the automotive market. Consumers are no longer "money", "people silly."". When choosing the car brand, the quality of the car and the quality of service has become one of the most critical factors that affect the decision of the owner (especially the owner of the middle or low grade car).

for car companies, since the third kind "era, a good day around the world rely on a good car had gone. To improve the quality of products and services has become a strategy to expand market share and win in the fierce competition.

talked about the quality of the car, I’m afraid from the production of TOYOTA automobile management. In the late 1980s, the domestic automobile industry once set off an upsurge of "learning TOYOTA". TOYOTA’s TPS (Toyota Production System) is a very innovative and constantly improving production management system. From Toyoda Kiichiro to Ono Chi, TOYOTA’s production management from the timely production of the famous (JIT), to continue with new ideas and models (automation, eliminate waste, continuous improvement, total quality management TQM), eventually forming a complete set of TPS production management system today. The combination of "automation" and "total quality management" has become a quality management method for TOYOTA.

has adopted a large number of automated hardware settings in advancing automation. (

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