mpetuous Chinese electricity supplier only draw lessons from can let oneself avoid detours

good afternoon, recently the weather in Ji’nan is really hot, is like walking outside like a sauna, a sweat is inadvertently, the old white related courses for two days and was sent to a site personnel training, to tell the truth from the lecturer didn’t learn anything, but in and around everyone is a lot of communication, to tell the truth now the electricity supplier industry compared to a few years ago the enclosure, burn, marketing, now has a lot of calm, we are not optimistic about some of the original mode of development has also made some achievements, but this does not mean that we do not have these little business difficulties, old white can mercilessly that small and medium-sized webmaster do electricity supplier as long as there is a little careless or a little change in attitude, it is possible to lose all their possessions. However, from the side as long as we are good at learning, good at learning, doing business there are still a lot of fish gold, after all, the market in there, so we should learn what Chinese business? Then, the old white and share with you.

Jingdong’s self built logistics, Tiger Trading Zone disguised development, apocalypse

imperceptibly, self built logistics system of Jingdong has been implemented for nearly 3 years, some investors believe that early radical Liu Qiangdong will make his Jingdong mall in embarrassing state, after all, a stall is too large, is not a good clean up, and then by the Jingdong although easy to get $50 million, but there is no stable Jingdong and a group of loyal customers, consumers are mostly directed to the Jingdong low price strategy, while spending heavily to build logistics system, development strategy, will inevitably interfere with the Jingdong’s future is uncertain, but 3 years later, the Jingdong did not collapse, but a lot of progress, the logistics system of great contributions. As we all know, the Jingdong’s gross margin is very low, just a few years ago is still in the profit and loss of the edge, but this year the Jingdong has tasted the sweetness, in July 11th, the Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong revealed that from 2009 to 2011, the Jingdong store logistics costs overall decline more than 30%, the average is not more than 20 yuan. This time a lot of business peers will be jealous, think of a few months before the courier industry prices, the low quality of service brand effect caused by reduction of adverse factors, this time we will think Liu Qiangdong had the choice is how correct.

But the old white

said today is not to say that Jingdong logistics, but why can the strong opponents like clouds China electricity supplier based on down. According to the old white view is the unique advantages of Jingdong, was a great help to tell the truth, to occupy a favorable position in the China electricity supplier, only two channels can try the first existing sales model to do the best, second to do something they don’t have sales, it is a bit big for the first model difficult to do, you may wish to try the two approach, and strive to create a new way of their own development.

at this point, I can share my experience about building a website

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