t is worth our company to learn Google five brand construction secret

you can ask any designer, they might think that Google’s Google brand logo is the ugliest of all brands. Now many companies, once the new CEO takes office, is likely to change the brand logo or change the positioning of the enterprise. Google, however, has not only consistently used its "ugly" brand label, but also made it one of the world’s most famous corporate labels and the most valuable brand in the world. As always, brand consistency is one of Google’s most significant brand building secrets. What else does Google have to do in marketing,


1. keeps brand logos consistent, but not paranoid.

although the Google trademark has remained remarkably consistent, but they also love change patterns based on maintaining the original appearance of the trademark, especially to commemorate some of the major festivals, such as celebrating the well-known writer of children’s literature Susie (Seuss)’s birthday, or celebrate Bollywood movies with sound launch day the first Department of India. Google Global Youth painting contest (Doodle4Google) is an example, it makes the school student design has the personal characteristics of the trademark, trademarks can be the winner in the Google home page for people to appreciate. The move conveyed Google’s idea: while maintaining a consistent brand image, Google is not afraid to innovate under the guidance of the brand policy. In many ways, the Google icon’s "mix and match" approach not only does not weaken the strength of its brand, but strengthens its brand strength.

2. ensure enterprise tasks are clear.

Google’s first task was accomplished with an ideal example of "simplicity" and "noncommercial" trademarks. At that time, Microsoft’s monopoly on the market, Google’s appearance is like a thorn in Microsoft’s body. Google’s simple logo tells people that companies need to make good use of natural language – which has always been the classic practice of Google. Although the latest news, Google hopes to publish books have become electronic version of the plan frustrated, however, Google’s brand task has not changed, that is, to make the world’s information in order. Even in mid March, Google’s message in the launch of the nonprofit Google Google (New) was still very clear: "you’re changing the world.". We want to help you. There is no saying or equivocation – you just need to know your mission statement."

3. strengthen brand routine".


is a production enterprise, so it has been the development of new products, but also to let the engineers and employees have flexible and free to control the working system of famous Google believes that this approach is more conducive to creativity. When Google launches a new product, it usually marks Google on its product, and the product’s design will make Google feel like a product. Therefore, users will have the idea that all of Google’s design products are compatible

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