The value and significance of BBS transformation to community SNS

foreign Facebook is very hot, the domestic SNS bigwigs by foreigners the concept of flicker is good, at present, in addition to the several seemingly happy, have a kind of imitators, rely on several slave trade, parking and other webgame plug-ins in the fire, discuz are also hoping to catch up with the trend of uc. SNS seems to just feel boring or what people spend time with the Internet at the time of the killing seems exactly what is needed for the development of community, mutual exchanges between members and in their respective join circle pass, in a sense, is to create value for the community, have the value of equal opportunity.

has been in development topic with some netizens on the SNS, the head of the community to see whether it is necessary to establish a community survey of SNS posts in the portal today, suddenly interested, cast a vote, but also the way to write their own views.

The birth of a new

model is easy to become the current hot spots, recently heard a lot of people say that, SNS could replace BBS in the near future, but this is the point I have reservations, just like the original fire BLOG does not replace BBS as fire, something does not necessarily will replace what after all. BBS now after so many years of development, the technology has been very mature, users are also relatively stable.

Internet is a place for people to provide communication, whether it is BBS or SNS, the essence of the role is bringing people together, it is that their value share, but the effect of SNS like performance in this regard people better polymerization. The simple community only for users to post and simple communication use, to enhance the interaction between people and the role can not reflect the perfect. At present, the seemingly single community strategy has been difficult to maintain the existing members, especially active members, which is why many domestic websites are scrambling to BBS site slowly to the community SNS transformation of one of the reasons.

in fact, whether in reality or in the network, everyone has different hobbies and interests in addition, many global community actually is to rely on or the sustenance of a sense of their own emptiness. I think, in the network, many people still want to be able to establish or join their own interested independent small circles or groups, and know more people. And the emergence of SNS, in a sense, is to supplement the shortcomings of BBS in this regard, to meet the needs of most people.


community is a very comprehensive thing, like a big society, each person’s daily life in this society, the big circle of life, will not know what to do, and the emergence of SNS, can help so many people find a sense of belonging. Now the community portal also began to focus on the development of partial entertainment, such as movie recommendation, music sharing and so on, which is the same thing, SNS can be used to differentiate members inside can also enjoy completely pure entertainment.

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