Network marketing innovation Jianmin Pharmaceutical ndustry Network Marketing

March 2008, Wuhan Jianmin start network marketing project. Before that, Derek and almost all of the traditional medicine enterprises, publicity on TV advertising. In recent years, Derek advertising investment has remained at between about 1800-3500 million, the strategy is CCTV TV Plus cross coverage pulse delivery. But a little money on TV advertising, it is too small, almost catch rival Harbin is less than 1/3. The advertisement sounds increasingly weak, the market share is more and more small, to vote or not to vote, every year in a test of business intelligence decision-making derek. Too few resources, the opponent is too strong, qiongzesibian. Advertising creative to break through, to find new ideas and demands, publicity should break through, to find new alternative media. In this way, the Internet advertising into consideration Derek top.

Internet as a new advertising carrier, the industry has developed by leaps and bounds. In recent years, many people have seen dazzling forms of advertising, and even the name also makes people feel fresh and new. These types of patterns are constantly refurbished advertising, not only in the impact of the traditional media market, but also disturb the advertiser’s thinking. Decided to seek breakthrough advertising Jianmin found the Internet advertising agency, a professional planning company, by them for initial net advertising design scheme to derek. The advertising company for a long time, according to Derek program costs come up with a solution. Program including Sina, the Sohu the mainstream portal hard wide, so the vertical portal Yaya cradle on online activities, medical and health websites on the soft release, advertising form also includes dotting the banner, the topic of speculation, this is not the only one, soft and hard, all cover the target population. The whole case offers more than 60.

here to say a senior intelligence jianmin. Put on the desk top Derek scheme was shelved, long time. Derek in thinking: This set of high-level network advertising scheme although it looks beautiful, but there is a fatal flaw.

, an advertising coverage is wide, but whether it can play results? We have Internet experience, Internet users never waste time to see those boring advertising, especially pop-up ads, rape in the attention of Internet users, has also increased the potential user antipathy.

two, the other forms of advertising can target customers interested? Online has a lot of sun baby photos, how close the target user to small souvenirs to take the trouble to participate in business activities like this upload vote, if the number is limited, so the user registration information for the enterprise to have much value network activity? How to form innovation, but also pulls out new tricks in


three, advertising effect is sustained? Advertising period, the topic can be hot, how to calculate the speculation hot, over the advertising period, what can be left?

four, online advertising, although cheaper than TV, but also ten thousand or twenty thousand pieces a day, so in addition to the final investment in advertising companies, I do not know is true, false number

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