Persistence and adherence are not the same

has done several sites, have to give up, but also adhere to.

may not understand the flexibility to use, do not know how to use the Internet to make money. Years of way: failure is the mother of success, but the site was dropped by Baidu K want to restore, is to pay much effort ah, this effort is not necessarily good results,


personally, I’ve always enjoyed working on health websites, because health is a hot topic for future people, whether it’s fitness or diet. Health care network ( is I constantly updated health website, I keep doing station principle, Baidu every day to update my web site, although included up and down is not a lot, one day up to hundreds of IP. As long as Baidu updates every day, the weight of the website is in it,


now Baidu included a new station takes about 1 months, for a newly built newcomers, but not short time! I am passionate about health net so they decided to do a recipe network (, at present also put up a few days, Google have included Baidu, or I have no trace! Submit to any search engine, I hope they can naturally! Don’t know as I wish.

multi angle to consider the starting point of health Web site, thinking more about the theme of health thinking, I believe that my new station will be successful, adhere to the update, find new ideas, never say no,


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