Site home flow alternative growth road navigation station owners can not help but see

since 114la opened its source, site navigation websites have sprung up like mushrooms, and different versions of the site come out on the same day. With so many more competitors, how can we survive in the site navigation website? 91514 web site home built by 114la open source template, what is out of the ordinary place from the surface and content do not see how I should use the internet interpersonal relationship and the surrounding will open this kind of pattern can be obtained in many websites the more competition in this way to survive! After the growth process of the 114LA, and the cognition of people on the internet. I made a bold attempt to adopt a more effective and effective form of Internet publicity. The following is my experience of alternative flow growth, please exhibitions.

traffic alternative growth first recruit: Open Source Integration (site)

will 114LA, DISCUZ7.2, 115 poly search, call 3 site source code, download, respectively, in 3 different domain name Nakatake Tachiko site. 114LA navigation source, the establishment of a 91514 site home, DISCUZ7.2 open-source forum source, build a 91514 installed forum, and finally to 115 gather to build a search page, 91514 poly search. Ha-ha。。。 Here, the basic framework of the site has been put on the website, the code that can run, but before that, you must be on the website of the LOGO, and the related content to make the dressing, if there is other information that is not good. The trick is to solve the single structure of the site and make it seem that your website is doing a lot of work and that the content won’t feel empty. Site built up, the flow of the foundation will have.

traffic alternative growth second strokes: content optimization (SEO)

If a single

from 114LA data available to us, Google and Baidu search engine will not pay attention to you, how to make search engines to pay attention to you? I have made several attempts to obtain a result from many aspects, I wonder if there is no effect on you, I do not know, I still feel this way feasible. Also hope that we will put forward a more effective way to solve the problem of Baidu search SEO!

!After the

URL framework is available, I will use the forum as a breakthrough point. Because the search engine can solve the forum focus on keywords from the content, but now I don’t understand why Baidu spider climb once, no longer climb, instead has a very good response to Google. I installed 91514 forum content with an installed forum presented to the user, the system will be installed in the mainstream of the post, and modify the individual keywords, Google search traffic from the beginning of the first day of release, will continue, I constantly add content. The need to make special mention of the post, is a lot of work, if someone is good helper, a person to get, really do not sleep for four days and three nights.

traffic growth offbeat third measure: two open source code modification issue


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