Small analysis of promotion methods for medical websites

, this is my first time in the form of soft expression to express, this rookie for medical station promotion of a little analysis, also please everybody support. If there is anything wrong, please be more precise, point out, let me improve, and make me more progress, first here thank you all. I since the end of 2008 began the promotion of medical station, when the promotion is a cosmetic website, I remember that time only know to do promotion forum and QQ group promotion effect, as you think, is a failure, then in 2009 April, the first time to quit the medical station promotion work, then at the end of 2009, started second medical liver disease network promotion, although not particularly successful, but his heart is there a little experience, so here, with everyone together to share and progress together.

we all know, in fact in the promotion of medical website, is a more difficult, why? Did the medical station must have a lot of friends all know, Baidu snapshot will be much slower, but it is also not high, a lot of people to study this problem, in general, keyword the search engine is somewhat sensitive, no matter what medical websites can not avoid the drugs of this one, and this one is for Baidu to do a major adjustment, according to the medical website, but in medicine do relatively prominent, is easy to be Baidu. What influenced me most was that in July of this year, when the hospital made a bid at Baidu, it called for us to get rid of all the words mentioned on the website. So, in this keyword, it is important to associate. So, we face the promotion of medical websites, how exactly do we have to do,


on the promotion of medical websites, here I would like to introduce how I usually do it:

1. blog. In fact, the blog is a very huge resources, has seen a good article on the A5, his expression is a blog of the food chain cycle. First of all, the blog can do friends chain, but also Internet users like to play, like to see things, so the resources in this area is very large. I’m on my own website, which is Changsha liver disease research network ( to promote new sites, is now in the hands of his almost 20 blog to the friends of the chain, and then targeted to do some promotion, release some of the chain.

2. information platform. We all know that the information platform is the medical station to do a major part of the promotion of a link, we can not lose, why? Because we focus on medical website promotion at the same time, all hope is based on the patient’s psychological, share the key words, when your keywords or long tail keywords reaches a certain level, the flow will become particularly easy, for example, when the "best Hunan liver disease hospital" the word and the long tail in the Baidu home page row five >

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