Webmaster how to maximize the interests of the site

The maximum profit model

the pursuit of website should be all sites are considered and the pursuit of a goal, especially for some small sites, traffic is very small, only rely on advertising Click to support their own website may have some is not very realistic. Well, how can we maximize our website profit? Below I according to some of my own experience to communicate with you. I call this model "questioning and popularizing". (Note: these experiences I introduced are only suitable for some small and medium-sized websites with entity relevance.


in reality, as an entity merchant, we are now more and more attention to this piece of network marketing. I also want to advertise my products through the Internet, so that more users will know their products. In the promotion, we may do most of the best or keyword optimization, in some large platform release information, in a number of questions and answers platform, take a variety of ways to issue issues, join links. So when you do these, you will often sum up how much money into reality? In the promotion of traffic may come a lot, keywords ranking, but to bring us what? Of course, you can’t deny it to let more people know our website at large extent, remember our website will have no small profit, so we can not add some existing profit on this basis? I think it is possible.

In the conventional

website promotion at the same time I pay more attention to the inquiry platform of the major sites, because these are the places where we generate profits most directly, but also information for most places, such as Baidu know, Tencent and ask the question and answer. I think these places should also be the station where you often go. So, how do we expand our profits in these places? I’ve summed up a few points for your reference:

1, choose one or two larger question and answer platforms to promote your product rather than promote it. When answering questions, try to answer questions from the questioner’s point of view. Don’t bring your own product. This is actually very offensive to the questioner.

2. Look at the questions of the questioner. A few answered, and generally, the best answer is when the answer has been given by two or three. Why should we observe this? Because when a question is published, the questioner will consider the correctness and rationality of the questions, and at this time they are hesitant. This time you can contact, this time is the most important, how can we use language art to make each other accept our products?. It depends on your flexible brain, huh?.

3, filtering problems. Why should the filtering problem? We all know that many webmaster can do promotion in these places, that is to answer these questions, you answer is futile. So, how do we figure out this problem? First of all, you should look at the similarity of the questions in the whole page

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