Listen to Jay Chou’s song say do webmaster story

? Listen to Jay Chou’s song "why do you like this, I said you took some hesitation, how like this, the rain has not stopped you umbrella to go……" and think of the long road of the webmaster, filled with a thousand regrets.

is the first access to the Internet in 2000, at the age of 13, night and a friend skipping out first know OICQ this thing, to know the first users, the global arena, love the chat room to play games, later stone age, dragons, legend, so until 2004.

at home do not know what search boring things, to the now popular laggards forum, stationmaster net, exposed to a lot of you have never heard the words here, what things like IP, but there is a keyword I feel out, its name is "garbage station".

then I began to study the garbage station is going on, and then later I was in Baidu rankings to see the flow of a website is very high, with a bit of knowledge in SITE behind the newly learned it, found that Baidu did not include his page, and then LINK, discovered a lot of connect to this website the page, I point into a look, and then see in Baidu keywords are connected in the league by ID, in a friend asked, he said that some people use this search, you can get Baidu’s fee, and then apply for a union of ID, then put all the pages all batch download via FLASHGET, probably the more than 6000 page, and then to a brother to provide free space, and then he registered an international domain name began to work.

started with only 3 websites, and then landed at Baidu, where he filled out the website address, and after 3 days, Baidu was included. "IP, IP and IP have come, Baidu is meritorious, and Baidu is meritorious."." So far, I can only use pictures to remind everyone of the scene.

from this day, Baidu has brought me a steady stream of traffic.

The 3

website every website for the alliance, the other Union now may not open, but Baidu still in statistics is also in a month, my father can receive mail to Baidu in front there.

from then on, my family didn’t say anything to me about my schooling.

was a month received a lot of money, give parents after they left the lot, was the year is only 17 years old, on the concept of money is not deep enough to spend, that can rely on sites such as Baidu raised a few months, overnight network stations were good times don’t last long, K, want to cry no tears…

I have 18 years dedicated to it, now coming to the end of 18 years old, I have no, I want to yearn for wandering, flying wings to fly free.


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