Housekeeping O2O two major pain points the industry line threshold and business model design

/ Zhou Yuanhong ("aunt comes" founder)


]: a review on technological innovation, hope to bring the hurricane to the industry, hope to put everything away empty, is not possible. Domestic O2O there is no free lunch! This sentence has two meanings, one is a innovation by information technology, can be a world, that is to underestimate the industry line threshold; two is from the business model design of speaking, the domestic industry can not free to users. The reason, bloom two, each table a branch.


first of all, housekeeping is a kind of cohabitation without love, which requires a lot of upfront pay. Like marriage network need to meet under the line, dating, take marriage certificate into the bridal chamber, home economics also need to interview under the line, check various documents, and try to understand each other’s situation, signing, termination, trial work and so on. The marriage mode, there is a process of love, love in the process of short, than to find a nanny interview time, because there is no love, employer to Aunt home, aunt to go to a strange place with a stranger, the reliability of the reliability, the employer nanny is a chief problem. A variety of concerns: for example, take away children, theft, illegal detention, wages and so on, it is necessary to reach an agreement on the employment process, someone to guarantee the two sides. As to the guarantor, to every aspect of checks, in addition to various documents submitted, but also with job seekers interview, test, to know more about the family situation of the employer should be responsible for the integrity and security of both sides. Until today, China have a public credit system, citizen security, education, health, family information in addition to the Public Security Bureau, domestic institutions or individuals unable to obtain, the Public Security Bureau has no obligation to provide employment background information both domestic websites, online identity authentication, also can check the photo and ID number. To learn more, if the reference Jiayuan model, only through the registration information on the site, stamps, membership card, query the information of others, send private messages, cooperation will be able to reach the employment, is not enough, also need to tens of thousands of face-to-face communication an interview and communication, even through training, supervision, pressure test, psychological counseling and other means. Until today, we have each aunt dormitory management personnel with 24 hours, 360° all-round observation, as is safe.

secondly, both sides of the domestic economy are extremely separated from each other, and their values are very different, and the extent of mutual understanding is beyond the imagination of ordinary people. We have also done experiments, interviews, let the employer communicate with the domestic staff, to see the C2C model does not work, the results are basically failure, less than a few negotiated. The employer quietly to call aunt, make contact, while they ran to the aunt asked us whether tuodi. We took a look at the questions and answers of our aunts and employers. Many aunts are unable to interview, ask for, ask for, ask for confidence, or have too much confidence. What about employers?

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