Found instantaneous traffic enhance website popularity

How does

discover the instant traffic of website, cultivate you to capture to Internet sensitive information?. Web site up to now almost 2 months, the last GG update, PR from 0 to 2, I feel very grateful, my good friend gave me two PR6 website, made friends chain, although not the same industry. But the rapid increase to 2, for me, is not a small encouragement.

here, continue to experience sharing, how to cultivate sensitive information on the Internet catch. Every day to go to work, the first thing Baidu site once, take a look at their station included. Then go to and look at the fastest rising keywords today, and then check the content and events of these keywords. See if you can rely on these keywords, you can search for yourself in Baidu gathered some popularity. Remember the day of April Fool’s day I started at the end of March to do the keywords Short Message about April Fool’s day, and then left it on my site on the corner, where is the first place to climb the spider, is called the 2009 April Fool Short Message. It only brought me more than 1000 of traffic that day. Now this keyword, my website is no longer the first page, probably because at that time, the keyword site is less. Later, the high weight of the site naturally ranks in front.

the second time is "happy farm" stand-alone version, this keyword is my unconscious. A play happy farm, oh mother suddenly cold jokes to update the network game, somewhat similar to the happy farm, my unconscious is the name of the stand-alone version of happy farm. As a result, this keyword brings me 300-500 IP per day for 1 consecutive months. Later, Baidu is still updated, and my word is gone.

third is the end of the work, in the Tianya browse, a post is Zhejiang, Hangzhou, Hu Bin killed people, I think we all may not strange. 2 days ago is not very popular keywords, but after people see it is very controversial. It seems that the Harbin police killed the college students, the Tibetan police were taken away by the police, and so on, and they certainly won’t be hot in the early days. But as long as the news of speculation, they will certainly speculation, the results of the home page made a Hangzhou Wen two West Road hit dead people, Hu Bin was human flesh, this yesterday brought me more than 2000 ip.

, there are other small things, most of which bring 200-500 of the traffic. So what I want to say is that capturing sensitive information on the Internet can quickly lead to unexpected results. If you take advantage of this traffic, such as hanging pop-up ads, it will be a small income. If your website can quickly precipitate this traffic, then much better than your propaganda.

, there’s something else I’d like to know. The first one is the Baidu collection. Baidu friendly to new sites, we all know. Later many of my friends asked me why Baidu stop by, or snapshot. I’ve met, too, almost every day for nearly a month. It turned out to be almost 2 hours to update the content, 2 hours

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