The horse prairie Thinking of DOA Microsoft Bing blocked the

, if I put forward a question to webmaster friends, what is the most concerned about the website promotion? I think many answers will not be less SEO, that is search engine optimization. If you ask further questions, which of the few search engine giants do you like best? I think the result is Baidu. Whether it is from Baidu or Baidu in terms of national brand, the taste is more suitable for Chinese, choose Baidu means the choice of hundreds of millions of Internet users preferences and changed the habits of Internet users. However, only Baidu and following its lead, the Baidu Inc may be just wishful thinking. In China’s search engine market, Baidu is also active in a strong brigade: Google. Today, Microsoft Corp, the world’s leading IT industry, is hoping to shake off its previous search engine Live brand and turn its Bing brand into full range. It seems, three war era is "the coming stormin".

person, you. Who would have thought that the Microsoft Bing in China recently banned? A good play has not been staged, is facing the danger of sabotage, I have bought tickets for the folks would feel? I venture to, in the event of a network change radically personal recollections and opinions, please expert generous with your criticism.

talks about "Bing" and thinks of "Google"

about Internet users preferences and habits of Internet users, the global search engine giant Google company when entering China, no less effort. First of all in the name of a lot of thought, as the saying goes: "people afraid of wrong phase, more afraid of the wrong name, Google, Chinese search natural products also dare not let down, then, has a poetic name: Google. Second, in order to cater to the Chinese habit of not entering English, Google paid heavily to buy the ultra short domain name: G.Cn. Finally, in order to seize the domestic Internet host, many Internet webmaster’s heart, in the website collection and the PR value aspect performance is also quite tolerant and generous. Despite this "toss and turn", the Chinese Internet users of Google’s recognition and use is far less than Baidu, which seems to have greatly exceeded the expectations of Google company. I think this may be the power of habit and culture.

today, Microsoft Corp want to regain its position in the search engine market and brand should, have spent huge sums of money to the development and promotion of the new search engine Bing products, in Chinese markets also will be reference to Google’s practices and experiences. In the name of the search engine product, Bing has a resounding Chinese Name: bing. At the same time, in the domain name, the Microsoft Corp is not far behind, registered the "Bing" Larry Chinese international top-level domain In terms of product positioning, "happy search, asking questions" becomes its direction. Released in the market, than originally scheduled for June 2nd launch time of early exposure to one day in Children’s Day to face.

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