n 2010 SNS will operate in the direction of vertical community

SNS the word in recent years is unusually hot, what to steal food ah, parking ah, like web games to enrich the SNS community, sometimes do not understand what is the SNS to understand more friends or through the SNS to play games, play lonely. In fact, the role of SNS does not lie in the game, the game can only improve the net friend in the degree of adhesion only, personal conjecture in 2010, SNS website will be developed vertically.

1: social network marketing by more people pay attention to, through social network marketing to establish brand awareness, establish popularity, so as to realize the increase sales proportion. This phenomenon so the establishment of the vertical field emerge in an endless stream, the platform is particularly important, such as the establishment of the beauty industry SNS, users or businesses can achieve personal branding and brand through the network, more precise marketing.

2: integrated SNS platform strong pressure, the current major websites have established a comprehensive SNS platform, they have the strength, economy, technology, team, so really want to compete with them is really difficult, we grassroots can retreat, established in the area of vertical platform. The SNS differentiation, multi-point attack, finally break.

3: clearer profit model, vertical SNS platform has a clearer profit model, including network marketing, product entity activities and so on. Of course, there are many models, but I suggest that the establishment of the platform, we should also think of a good profit model, and then through the community to achieve, and so on after the big, and then regularized operation.

4: the rapid development of community e-commerce, e-commerce is now a development of geometric figures, community e-commerce will become the trend, through the vertical field of SNS platform to sell products will become the mainstream in the United States, this model will gradually be attention.

you will now enter the market was hit head broken and bleeding but you into vertical markets, that must be another piece of heaven and earth.

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