The website is raised like wine the longer it is the more mellow it is

I, launched a period of time, since there were too many people, and that the location is also a headache for me, check a lot of information, read many articles, SEO came into my life, to make friends say to do a website easy, easy on-line, rare is the optimization, search engine the station on the line after, truly understand the importance and difficulty of doing optimization.

the traffic I’ve been standing on has been 1 days 1WIP, 60W’s PV, and now I’m talking about experience,

Chinese Web site to do optimization, mostly for Baidu, Baidu brings traffic is also the most, Google and Sogou, YAHOO and other search engines IP obviously no Baidu more. Straight from the Baidu changed the search engine algorithm, Baidu is also a letter to the webmaster, especially to explain some of the suggestions for Baidu optimization webmaster, changing the algorithm after Baidu will in a week included the new sites, will be included on your site has a good ranking in two weeks, after entering the new period of observation, will pay attention to the website only after recording a page, the other is not included, has been about to wait for half a month, half a month after your site is not illegal, no violation of Baidu optimization rules will give you put out, slowly will be large included in your website pages, from the first day of the line on the website you have to do a set of optimization scheme, focusing on the.

want to have a good ranking, webmaster know the title, keywords, description is the key, the website framework is not moving, often moving frame of the website will be Baidu that do not trust, then you are miserable, you will be K off, have experience, suffer.

site internal guarantee normal, try not to have dead links. The website keyword density is the best site is less than 8, by raising, like women, white women, the skin looks so good, see to want to bite the feeling, also rely on a website, important is to insist, the chain of website is more and more important, my station is the chain for a period of time, the effect is obvious, the chain also has the skill, the webmaster have often said that the forum is the best place to do outside the chain, but the forum is good, but most of them have to leave now. Some shielding, your level is low, then you cannot have a signature, every time you leave the message on the signature is a good way, is the chain of the most simple, can have a limit of signature, required by the size of the field.


website with a blog is the best way to blog, you don’t have to own the original, you can send yourself, say what you want to say, can join the site links in the article, at the same time with the website keywords, especially to Baidu often go to the site, update the fastest website to publish blog this article, I often go to Sina, Baidu, outdated, news and other dozens of blog. In particular, Sina and Baidu, sina is currently the fastest update Baidu web site, in Baidu, it is possible that you published articles, Baidu will be included in the 1–2 hours, when writing blog!

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