How to build through the blog group to promote the site to bring traffic and the chain

What is the preferred

blog group built, it refers to the establishment of a large number of third party blog platform, update through the blog, the expansion of products and brand promotion, and get the flow and the chain from the search engine.

I just entered the network promotion industry, but also from the group building blog promotion began. This method of promotion is relatively popular with beginners, it is relatively simple, easy to operate, as long as we can seriously adhere to, the effect is still good.

below is the effect and data that I am responsible for website construction, library, blog, blog group promotion and data

1, Baidu search site name, first page, blog number and ranking


has three blogs, Sohu blog, news blog and Tianya blog. Among them, Tianya blog has two entries.

2, the following figure is within one week blog with a website traffic:

blogs bring in at least 500pv, 350ip per week. Although not many, this is still off-season data, if every season, the flow of at least 3 times a week more than.

, share what I do, how to operate the blog group to build promotion:

, blog group building and platform selection,

blog group building is to build more blogs. How many blogs do you need to build? It depends on your energy and time. Of course, the more the better. With my own experience, at least 5 or more, the effect will be more obvious.

set up a blog platform in the choice must choose well-known search engines, the high weight of the blog, this blog will be easier to do it; some itself is not what the weights of the blog platform is of no concern, itself is not the weight, it can be said to be less effective.

according to the experience of good platform for Baidu, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tianya, and, QQ space, blog site right, these high traffic, search engine crawl rate is high, is suitable for the blog group built marketing platform. Of course, if the industry is relatively strong, you can find the industry more well-known blog platform.

two, blog simple positioning

blog positioning, because it is a group built blog, the main purpose is to product and brand, high exposure rate, lead flow and increase the chain; blog positioning can be relatively simple. Can be based on the type of products, product characteristics, user needs and other positioning. For example, the author is responsible for the website is to do basic education products, including courseware, teaching plans, papers, etc., I built three blogs, courseware, teaching plans and papers as the theme. Our products are divided into grades and disciplines, and many blogs I have built take the major grades and disciplines as the theme.

blog positioning at the same time pay attention to the name of the blog, according to positioning for each blog to take a good name, it is best to consider s>

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