From the beginning to now the webmaster of the road of hardships and fun

has been quietly paying attention to ADMIN5 since he started doing the idea of standing, and now decides to send something…

station is not a very long time. But to experience the hardships and suffering a lot. But more is to feel the fun. This is where the performance of the grassroots webmaster unremitting self-improvement new webmaster! Very bitter. But they did not give up. From the selected domain. Find space. Buy program. Because they do not understand. They BAIDU. forum post inquiry. The true meaning of the Almighty all-weather owners. What they do every day?

! Statistics from hanging on the moment. They kept watching their station access data. Even if the first data is generated, even more than a IP. and they are very happy. Soon to see IP antecedents. See where it basically statistical friend! The page is hung on the computer from time to time to refresh. For every IP and


! From space opened up! Every day they visit his website! Many early PV here! Because technology can not. They worry about their standing all day here is not there will be problems encountered a little problem on the forum asked anxiously, query solution in the search, but they will not the night will break down the body tired, but worried about whether the site will be


! When hanging advertising from the start or join the league start for a little bit of income rather surprised. I hung up the first advertising revenue of 0.24 yuan. I am happy for a long time! Dream every day to think of their own one day advertising costs will increase to much! Dream is beautiful but they will still get up in the morning solid work hard.


! From the beginning they from time to time in the major search engines site own site. After the algorithm changes included drop. The first thought is their bad. When the algorithm change is a long sigh of relief. Of course included increased time. Happy beyond words…

! From the beginning, they are concerned about some of the same roots with their own webmaster. Will have the heart to help them send a IP. Although the content on the website, he is not interested. But they know that this is a friend of a friend of great support and encouragement! [] can imagine him in the movie online send a IP friends over there to see the data when the joy of


! From the beginning they launched their own relatives and friends to promote their own requirements for web site! Click on the forum! Group! Set character signature! Your friend’s bedroom home computer are arranged into their own! They might outsiders see a little madness! But they are willing to do this

! From the beginning they feel tired. They complained. Never give up! They had sad! But second days still energetic! They take their stand as their own son.

> care!

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