A brief talk on the development of healthy websites

health stations search traffic is quite large, so many people think that the health station easy to flow, user base. The demand for medical health is high and the flow of health websites is large. But don’t forget, the number of health site is quite huge, visible intense competition, some high traffic keywords are some large sites occupied, small personal webmaster do health station generally suggest to refine it, concentrate on a few content, so the website was very professional and relatively easy to do some pregnant women, just registered on-line network is such a small site.

is a professional women health personality website website on line soon, just started to do a lot of things, the first is the core site settings: website content, website localization, website columns etc. although seemingly simple but the most basic key is the site Keywords: have a good ranking, the first is the most basic to be included, such as search engine submission, and conventional practice, in fact it is better to do after the basic content of the reserves in the site, at least 100 original articles to some large flow of spiders will often go to stroll the Forum blog put a site or ask a friend some high weight website with a link, waiting for the friendship included. Generally within 3 days, some basic conventional engines have been included, and what to do next. Website promotion, optimization, links, health network operations are also the following methods for friends reference:


site adhere to update, the spider love original, update the content to the original, if not the original health website, you should at least let Baidu feel you make only superficial changes, the original, a pseudo original.

2, site conditions, to add some information and website keyword close to Baidu encyclopedia, and leave your site links, there is a soso encyclopedia, Sogou encyclopedia n many places for you to remember the link, but relevant to the content, not in maternal health problems with a how to repair television the link, it is not nice.

3, looking for health related websites, links, and spending more time on your own to find health care websites.

4, the updated content to user oriented, user experience is the most important, do not stack keywords, TITLE, Keywords, a reasonable set of Description page keyword density distribution of natural harmony, the content of the website is not too complicated, accurate display to meet the needs of users. Web site is to do to the needs of users to see, not to the engine spiders to see, otherwise it will affect the development of the site in the long term, but it is not worth the candle.

more about keyword selection:

1, from the user’s point of view, some of the needs of pregnant women, are generally aimed at some of the symptoms of the solution, which is the source of long tail words.

2, collect keywords from the medical profession, and sort out "hot"

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