Operation analysis of fermentation website

when you are wandering the streets, suddenly, you are surrounded by a group of people living in the three layer, three layer, what you will be feeling proud? Doubt?? blood and still regard with equanimity if you change? A website, even the website is not a blog. Or ", if the crowd will change into instantaneous flow. I refer to these websites as "fermentation sites."". That is, by means of accidental events and by means of blind conformity, it attracts a large number of users’ websites. This kind of website is very special and worth thinking about. In the history of Internet construction in China, they are special cases.

"fermentation site" one or two cases


2008, the Beijing Olympic torch relay during the time when the Olympic torch in the overseas transfer, a series of unpleasant events, but for these events, first-class foreign media is not too impersonal, so, the national mood instantly ignite. The ANTI-CNN site fires instantly. This website is just compiled some foreign media for the event of false reports, but with the help of the event guide, and official media for the site’s approval, and citing sources, the highest ANTI-CNN flow even let the server unbearable, and a large number of free users for the site of overseas media reports compiled. But the end of the Olympic flame, the site traffic and users to accelerate the loss. Of course, the site’s founder, Rao, is also widely recognized.

Throw out the window of

around 2011, food safety became a national hot topic, so that everyone worried about the daily needs of food stuffed into the mouth. Under the national mood, Fudan University Graduate Wu Heng in renren.com called for the establishment of a food safety database, in short, will they think the food safety information into the database, and then realize the sharing of information. The increase of data, the need for sharing, throw out the window with the birth of the website. In a flash, the site gained a lot of attention and poured into the huge traffic. However, with the food safety indifference, the website’s attention will gradually decrease.

in addition to the above, this feature is very distinctive "fermentation site" outside. It is not uncommon for casual events to lead to a doubling of web traffic. In military websites and political websites, a picture or a message may be viewed as a week or a month.

examines the traffic of such sites, and we’ll find that traffic changes are rollercoaster shaped. The user events rise, the mood is ignited, greatly increased traffic, traffic incident faded, greatly reduced, and Something is better than nothing. As a piece of dough fermentation agent was added, but the real moment of doubling, not much. It’s lucky to get a "fermentation" site, but it’s unfortunate to run a "fermentation" site. Because the "fermentation site" operation is difficult.


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