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I was in accordance with the cumulative amount of promotion from high to low order to pick the baby, do not care about the commission. A commodity commission I have pushed through only 13 Fen, but I still push Le hehe! I was a relatively easy to meet people, as long as the open mom in the income account, the day before the income is not zero, one day I will be very happy to



obviously, through this service, the site administrator can eliminate the "eat cold-shoulder treatment" netizens disappointment, at the same time, shlf1314 can be placed through the free web search box, get more search traffic. This can be counted as a win-win cooperation.

customer first

shlf1314 provides a Javascript based widget. In the future, Internet users visit specific websites and encounter "404" error prompts i.e. "check without this page". shlf1314 this window will list a list of the most relevant web pages related to the missing page.

I was stupid, because I can’t build a website, so directly in Amoy city for a gift; don’t sound so I do not write a blog, another way is to post on the forum. But the ad stickers in the forums are the most annoying and least popular, so I posted them in the recommended way. I will be very careful selection of goods posted before, even some precious things I will personally buy used to recommend, if the effect is not good, I would recommend this product, so far, although there have been some income, but also their own really put some silver. Although this method is relatively stupid, but I feel that I can afford to own, but also worthy of everyone, ha ha,

promotion promotion clothing, because this product is controversial, I am afraid to recommend to others with different words you will not happy, so I rarely promote goods and clothing, but occasionally. At present, most of the products I promote are household products, and also bags.

The !

two, my Taobao guest method,

registered Taobao passenger is probably about 08 years, it was just know though very excited but did not do in-depth understanding, now think really some regret ah! The 09 year March has finally landed on the mom, think to try to see is not really can make money ah, so the use of one of the most stupid is the most effective method, ha ha, is from their own link to buy things, in fact, I was not sure it can not work, proved no problem. I am looking for a mobile phone recharge, so fast, the day to confirm receipt after second days and I can’t wait to open the mom, found the day before write income: a 47 Fen! I start feeling a little excited, it really happen, oh, do not lie at that time actually! A lot of stuff I do not understand, even to see how the income I didn’t understand it. I read without settlement income 14 more is a bit strange, I think I have not done anything else promotion? How will the income? Then to help center to learn how to look at income, then see the details to think of it, it is just a registered guest, in the forum made a paste, is a problem with the baby with the consultation, joined the promotion code. Even after a few months with this windfall money, ha ha, so just started to do friends, do not worry, first cast the net, perhaps when the fish drilled in, oh,

, a Taobao

shlf1314 will also provide several access web options. In addition, a shlf1314 search box will appear on the error prompt page, where the keyword has been automatically filled and related to the missing page.

, the vast numbers of GGAD publishers are blessed. Beijing on August 31st news, according to foreign media reports, for webmasters, Web links change, users get "Error 404 page" cold-shoulder treatment is often the case. The day before, the United States shlf1314 launched a tool, can be in the wrong page gives a most relevant links, and a smart search box.

!Baby I don’t love

three, how to choose promotion baby

site uses this service to sign up for a free shlf1314 webmaster account, and has a "404 page" option on the tools menu.

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