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is talent, especially to attract senior executives with extensive experience in the industry. These people are often on a very good career path, and there are opportunities to choose from. Let them give up many more secure may walk with you, in addition to the enterprise itself the employer brand, CEO personal brand, and you represent the beliefs and values, but also tend to have a decisive impact.

in the choice of publicity channels, in addition to traditional media public relations, personal Facebook, books, and even YouTube, can be considered options. Love writing the words, do not have to stick to self built blog, like udn, is now the world, and other major media sites are open to opinion leaders stationed, can be considered where.


to pursue the expansion efficiency of the fast growing enterprises, in addition to become well-known enterprises, product brands, CEO and continuous operation if we can have a good personal brand, practice is very high benchmarking strategy.

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Mr Jamie, author of this article, is the founder of venture capital in Taiwan, Appworks.

‘s biggest reward comes from partners who can help you win better quality suppliers, channels, investors, and so on. As your users and business scale grow stronger, you will also need to move upstream of the food chain in a partnership. An influential CEO brand in the industry can help. In addition to knocking on the door and increasing the team’s willingness to cooperate, it may even attract qualified partners to come.

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of course, where there is force, there is reaction. The risk of CEO branding, except the floor accidentally triggered a public relations crisis, because the values of different enemies in the industry, the most serious brand CEO is too successful, if the future needs between the company and will have a very painful part company each going his own way, laceration.

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brand awareness


promotional channel

to operate a good CEO brand, first of all have to set a clear audience: potential customers, industry community, talent, is a good choice. It is easy for beginners to make mistakes or to make excessive efforts to optimize them. Unless you are going to be a star, it is not always the best strategy to be a household name, because the breadth of your appeal often loses its depth, but it can’t affect a more valuable audience.

Another obvious reward for


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brand impression

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has channels and audiences, and then what does the CEO brand want to impress?. It is intelligent, sincere, warm, witty, tasteful, well informed, leading the market and able to dance well

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