Do stand for six months let me tasted the sweetnessThe optimization of Tokgo nine type Adsense

      many optimizations suggest how to incorporate advertising into content and how to surround content with advertising. But often this is not the case. This requires analysis of your visitors, new users and the proportion of old users, familiar with the computer and the computer is not familiar with the proportion. If you want to expand your website and add a return visit, then full screen advertising is suicide. The optimization methods mentioned above are valid only for new users who do not understand the computer. For an old computer user, analyze the purpose of his visit to your web site and the content of your page. If you have a lot of inside or outside content links, then advertising needs to be eye-catching. If you don’t have other content links on the current page, you don’t need to be smart.

      in fact, this article only needs four words to sum up the content is king. No optimization is the best optimization. The purpose of physical fitness is like martial arts, indisputable people so you can never win. Before you plan to optimize, you first find out exactly what your purpose is. If it’s for the sake of making money, there are many ways to make more money than GGAD. The highest level of GG is achieved, and those people are 10 thousand knives in a month. Generally, 1 thousand passes are not allowed. GG, yes, it will really make you dig the first basket of potatoes, but not too high for you to make a fortune. So as to optimize the xiepai martial arts, not overdo sth., to perhaps you will have significant revenue growth. But you will stagnate when you reach a certain stage.

      with the sword of the law should shun its potential, by its force, Dao its virtual, by its gap to light avoid heavy, let nature take its course

      a lot of people are still brushing ALEXA; their consciousness is still stuck in the first Internet boom. How to browse real >

 :     understand your users to develop effective optimizations, so break swords must be broken.

      spear a line, a large knife. Although all weapons are evolved from the club, but generally accepted and is the ancestor of weapons. Professional vertical web site is to find the throat, eyes, then the lifeblood of the integrated website is traffic.

site is basically complete, and the rest is to add articles to the web site, add articles is very simple, I put other similar website articles copied, and then released to my web site. At the same time, I also often Adsense nets to see some of the knowledge to do stand, slowly also understand what is sh419 included, what is PR, what is the flow, then I turn on the computer every day I go to site:www.***.**. Later, almost a month, my site was finally included in sh419, and I do stand enthusiasm and therefore more high.

with the flow, I began to find some advertising to do, because my site belongs to the sexual health websites, so then gave some Adult Supplies website to hang a few ads per month can have an income of more than 2 thousand, soon, I also contact some advertising, hang their advertising code that I can earn more than 200 dollars a day, when advertising is what I do stand almost half a year. In the six months when I was standing, I was able to do so well because of the valuable experience of some older people

      broken knife

      sword is the mother of weapons; guns are the father of weapons. The gate of the weapon list party did not understand, also confirms that the world is not the best way for you is the best method.

      broken sword

for me to do web site, I think it is a bit accidental, because I have never touched the website, even the Internet, I also contact very little. By chance, I opened the station network, to do can make money, so I will be in the webmaster forums transaction to buy a program, then registered a 1 yuan.CN domain and a 300M space, with the help of a friend, second days of my website open, I remember, it was the 08 year in March.

flash, three months later, my site traffic generally maintained at about 100, but still relatively stable, but there is no breakthrough. I also feel depressed, to do some station predecessors inquired that my website keywords are not even set, view the source file is this: keyword=" ", under their guidance, I set up a keyword, also began to learn SEO. The article on the SEO also saw a lot, also slowly try on my website, results in less than a month, I have the site keywords ranking in sh419, after about a month, the most I site keywords are ranked in the first and second pages. The flow is also fiercely increased, every day there are about 20 thousand. At that time, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep at two or three every night.

just started doing the station, although there are ready-made procedures, but I do not even use the site’s background, only slowly groping, and even the site of LOGO is also a friend of mine to help me do. At that time, I used an almost a week to some websites in the dark modify finished, then the feeling is really very excited, my heart there is a sense of accomplishment, everywhere to some of my friends, now, would secretly laugh.

      total formula

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