Content pays for new players WeChat confirms that public pay reading has been tested or launched in

then went to October, with the north, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places of the network about car policy has been introduced, the policy direction of the wind has changed completely, such as strict restrictions on local licenses, the price of carpooling, quantitative control, and so on.

sway from the above policy, as well as regional differences can be seen, the future of the net about car new deal game also >

, compared to run away, fraud, scandal dragons and fishes jumbled together in the P2P industry, o2o is relatively not crossed the legal boundary. But compliance has also suffered the swaying policies, and to separate the P2P industry, o2o giants close fight between competition, there have been incompatible as fire and water, therefore has milepost sense combined events, such as drops fast merge, merge, closed and so on are key signs of the initial situation.

in 2016, with the basic stability of market pattern, o2o friends of the business competition gradually reduced, also said that the market power is no longer a force, the first change in the field of o2o policy, instead, become a key force in determining the rise and fall of o2o.

in short, in 2016, many segments of the o2o field is a foregone conclusion, although the leader is still expanding, but I do not know how far forward, but 90% followers are dead end, yellow, not see the sun tomorrow.

, but more than a year after the idea of paying for reading, the industry has repeatedly come to WeChat to pay for the upcoming on-line news, but eventually proved to be inaccurate. This is the first time that WeChat has made clear the progress of public pay reading for the public, and with this WeChat official’s public statement, the launch of WeChat’s public pay reading feature may soon come true.

in August 28th of this year, WeChat first announced the public number of original protection opening rules, while WeChat team said that in the future will launch 11 incentive mechanism. Among them, pay, reading and other new features will be "invitation system" for beta, not open to the public for an application.

disappeared gradually along with the mobile Internet dividends, content has become an important traffic entrance has become the industry consensus, the Internet giant, its content is an important tool to enhance user stickiness, the information flow, and entrepreneurial companies, in the accumulation of enough users and content producers under the condition of the content is the realization of enterprise development the inevitable choice at this stage.

one, the policy has become the key to victory or defeat o2o


the first to create a public platform of WeChat is in this wave of content of entrepreneurial wave appears to be relatively cautious, in 2015, WeChat started to increase the public platform of the original protection, in that year, WeChat launched a public platform intensive original statement, tours and other functions, constantly good ecological WeChat public platform, protect the original.

Tencent news Han Yimin February 15th, WeChat aspects confirmed that WeChat public subscription subscription function is indeed in progress, has been testing, I believe we will meet with you in the near future.

on the Internet giants such as Tencent, today’s headlines, Ali, sh419, Jingdong launched the penguins, headline number, subscription number, UC number and 100 Jingdong as the number of platforms at the same time, to know peace, shell, logical thinking as the representative of the venture company also launched live, a known and experiment content realized.

in July this year, the introduction of the national version of "new network booking taxi service management procedures", the network about cars to encourage and tolerant attitude, then, whether it is public, the driver or passengers, and drops, all dance for joy. However, the policy has left behind the possible reversal of the back door – the national version of the new deal, giving the local government greater autonomy decision-making power.

yesterday, a well-known Internet critic Hong Bo in his circle of friends revealed WeChat public number to pay to read the upcoming news, temporarily aroused intense concern in the industry.

to observe the ups and downs of China’s venture capital tide, and no more than P2P and o2o more appropriate areas, such as spring, flowers blooming in full bloom, decline as late autumn leaves, Xiao Xiao under.

but, in 2016, the day is not peaceful – – after solving one of the big rivals on the market, the more ferocious is the policy of swinging the sword.



said the first drops of it, after the succession with fast and Chinese yuho, a single large drops in the market, can be said to be invincible, become travel o2o can not shake the king, and the follower and easy to China, can only occupy a corner in a niche market, ordinarily, drops through a difficult shopping period, should lie to make money.

has been in the past in 2016, the content of entrepreneurship has become one of the Internet hot words.

however, then turn again, by the end of October, Chengdu, Guiyang city network about the new car have been released, these rules do not have any requirements on the vehicle wheelbase, displacement, the household registration restrictions relaxed, the government’s open and inclusive, but beyond the first-tier cities north of Guangzhou shenzhen.

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