Five friends network Shen Hao there are many opportunities for entrepreneurship want to pass quick

1, The so-called

05, 06 years, see shlf1314 map, big line Qi Tao, Shen Hao five friends network founder will feel this is an opportunity. But he doesn’t think startups can make maps. In his words, maps don’t just need your excellent online skills. The line of Surveying and mapping, regularly updated data the line store opened, the old shop closed on the move and so on need heavy operation mode, seems to be C oriented end cloud storage as large companies afford. But is there no chance of starting a business?. Shen Hao thinks, poineering company itself does not have capital to build what platform, future cloud service can be a big trend. The use of cloud services, cloud computing to provide personalized, on the occasion of vertical, subdivision of service, there are still many great living space.

Wangzhuan there is a feature of the crowd, they are different in different period of Wangzhuan project, especially the rapid development of the Internet era, Wangzhuan wave, a number of dead and live a fly to engage in Wangzhuan has been more than a year, from the beginning of what is not, a little stick to now SEO promotion, almost a year to all kinds of Wangzhuan have played, but did not play in. As basic Wangzhuan first play such as: PTC advertising to make money, make money, questionnaire Chinese registration task to make money, earn money by playing games, surfing money, money and other Witkey task, and then to the learning website, advertising alliance, what CPA, CPC, and even those less legitimate, such as: s.s.c a typist HYIP, investment and so on, all tried, there is always a kind of Wangzhuan understanding is, whether this project is not really let me make a lot of money, or even not to earn money, I want to experience something, always think only in this way can let oneself in Wangzhuan tide more mature. Well, get to the point, combined with their actual experience, summed up the share in the second half of 2010, the novice should choose what kind of Wangzhuan novice, little take some detour.

open shop to make money, I always recommend new friends to do the project, at the same time do the basic type Wangzhuan project at the same time you can still open a shop, but people often headache problem is I do not know what to sell, even many people think open shop must purchase goods, to have a lot of capital investment. In fact, the fly has said, now the shop as long as you can think of the products you can buy and sell, not necessarily physical products will take a simple example, you open a store and recharge software stores, or even what you’re capable of that technology will open a shop, for example: decoration shop pictures, ideas, etc.. In fact, fly, let the new man shop is not the main purpose of making money for the initial purpose, >

on August 28th at 4 p.m., sh419 suddenly announced its "sh419 navigation" business is completely free. 3 hours later, "High German navigation" also announced free of charge in all. With the High German navigation, sh419 navigation announced free of charge, the map navigation market seems to have entered the habitual mobile Internet thinking model, free times. The map has become the mobile Internet and the Internet is an important entrance, whether it is shlf1314 map joining in the future advertising coverage, or the free navigation software, the online map profit model to map advertising.

06-07, we found that people increasingly use the map and location of the more high, and put ads on the map, but also the future profitability of the map is an important way to solve the map, advertising is advertising, so have been watching. In thinking, doing homework. Navigation map products advertising patterns in the end there, where red bull inspired passion and ideals reflected in Shen Hao dripping fine. After nearly a year of thinking, precipitation.


has a great idea for 07 years, and we use the blank areas of the map to display advertisements. The model is the use of the map blank area planning standard advertising fixed size, combined with the precise position location advertising, advertising and marketing, geofencing technology, geographical position recognition and image recognition technology based on product based location based advertising display >

based Wangzhuan just above all have talked about, as do PTC, click on the questionnaire, playing games, here only introduce a basic project, that is to do the questionnaire to make money. All of the basic Wangzhuan project, only the questionnaire to make money more suitable for novice, survey Wangzhuan security can be trusted, behind the investigation site for the company background, general survey rewards issued in the form of cash and prizes, usually a questionnaire in 3-10 yuan, of course, there are a few million copies of the questionnaire, but rarely pass rate low, so if the master answer skills, at the same time to register several survey sites, usually hundreds of dollars a month income is not a problem. Several websites are recommended here: the first survey network, the guest survey network, the think tank, the Ma, Isawa information survey network, and the ciao survey network. Of course, other basic Wangzhuan can do, but you will be more difficult, but it is difficult to get money.

but, unlike other map navigation products mobile Internet products, users can map from first to last only stay in a page, the page display position, time is limited, in other words, very harsh on the advertising requirements. Moreover, the mobile terminal if there is advertising bar, seriously affecting the user’s experience in using map navigation, even if there are advertising, selling cheap, uneconomical, expensive, no one buy. Through free mode to attract a large number of map navigation users, and then through advertising, value-added services realized, whether this is like Lin Funan’s original intention, itself is a false proposition

2, open shop Wangzhuan project:


based Wangzhuan project:

below is the confession of a map navigation practitioner.

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