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everything has its own development ideas, and in this group of practitioners are by their own goals, Wangzhuan industry is no exception, if its practitioners can set up a good Wangzhuan target must be able to help themselves establish a good interest in the industry, no target practitioners like a person without soul. So set your goal is very important for the novice Wangzhuan Wangzhuan is, after entering the Wangzhuan industry should not hurried to think one day millions, but should think they can get what in Wangzhuan industry, what can be learned, through thinking and their Wangzhuan goals established goal and reality, their combination.

guest website, now Taobao customer becomes more and more difficult to promote, in many forums are blocked or make their own guest, happy net system, renren also limits the more powerful, then only they do stand is a permanent solution, but there are two guest website conversion problem. What is the two transformation, optimization of the site keywords to search engine page ranking to get traffic, but the degree of accuracy obtained the conversion rate of flow and the relevant keywords, even if your site traffic is large, also exist in the user whether to enter the site through a link to Amoy taobao store or product page for the first time the user enters the product conversion rate. The page is interested in the product, whether to buy after the turnover into a second conversion rate in order to obtain a commission, although we do is relatively more commission goods, but due to the actual problem of the two conversion rate becomes small volume.

relative to the form of advertising for the web site profit Taobao off site more than a layer conversion rate, and many unconscionable dispensers will Taobao to provide users with a new product shop connected to eliminate guest link to bring the loss of profits, so there are two guest website conversion and lost the single danger. If we want to do station only from the website structure and rich content to attract users to achieve a good user experience. The bj19.cn webmaster guest, please indicate the source, thank you.

product sales website. This kind of website will be to promote the general pre bidding way to get traffic order, as long as your site do beautiful, attractive products, do effect the user needs, so a large proportion, high conversion rate. There are many websites through normal SEO to optimize, user traffic through keywords, keywords to flow are rigid demand, customer service and professional level solutions in place traffic conversion rate is very high, the order will increase, but it is difficult to search for keywords and optimization steps, but once the traffic is very good deal.

ad alliance is doing more mature, but it is also very nonstandard. The most harmonious is GGAD and other sh419 advertising, advertising alliance Commission, although high, but the risk is big, because if a site traffic is not much to advertisers click effect, so they are easy to see you as cheating, wasting their money, but as long as through such forms of advertising the flow of users click on a can easily earn money, only one conversion rate is OK.

" from birth to the present Internet Wangzhuan has existed, with the continuous expansion of the Internet industry Wangzhuan industry is expanding, more and more users to join the Wangzhuan industry, and in this group is only a higher proportion of people can stick with it, I think they lack is on Wangzhuan industry interest, a lot of people in the industry to join Wangzhuan not for their own interests, to more money, so in the industry to develop their own successful Wangzhuan Wangzhuan of industry interest is particularly important now to talk about how to cultivate their own Wangzhuan Wangzhuan industry of interest.

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Wangzhuan in recent years new things, mixed every day by mail or Wangzhuan Wangzhuan advertising almost on the Internet, that earn much money in a very short time, but we consider carefully if there is really such a good money and they will send their own advertising? Bulkhead the money is. The website earns money pattern not to love so many kinds of means: advertisement alliance, website advertisement, product sale, Taobao guest.


earns money first should have eliminated some willpower is not strong enough, eat a big fat Wangzhuan, this time can promote Wangzhuan from many aspects of interest, from technical guidance, money to attract, establishing goals, profit thinking and other aspects, the author on how to develop their own Wangzhuan industry interest in the detailed analysis of the higher, the hope can help to a part of the industry is struggling Wangzhuan Wangzhuan practitioners.

mentioned here is actually a complete process of each Wangzhuan, join Wangzhuan industry practitioners more or less have a little hope to be recognized by the idea, if the idea is to get some.

Two, the establishment of

Wangzhuan industry’s core point in a "money", also hope to be able to make money in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan industry, so the first step should be to cultivate interest from the start, let the people make Wangzhuan industry can earn brushstroke money in the first time, the higher in this step should be with a little, that is to obtain the first money, so that they can produce a certain feeling of the author in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan industry, industry to earn money in the first 1 weeks later, someone made a few posts to earn a few dollars, I think of entering the industry Wangzhuan Wangzhuan person can do, regardless of how much money, if it is qualified for the job is the most important, if you feel too hard Wangzhuan that would be better to go out of business.

, established by the target set in Wangzhuan,

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