Brush love Shanghai promotion ranking nearly ten million debt what is enlightenment

an hour is not to be able to run out of 5600 yuan, a year at least 50 million yuan. Mr. Song is his account to calculate the cold sweats, and he has not received any from first to last a customer call business phone. The results of the company day to Mr. Song’s bank card refund 1200 yuan, then gone below.

some time ago broke the news online, two men using a cheat, click to click simulation, the customer increases, thus improving customer search rankings love Shanghai. Shanghai love affect the search results, affecting other users love to love Shanghai Shanghai search experience, the company also caused direct economic losses, damage to the love of the brand image of Shanghai, the two people were sentenced to the crime of destroying computer information system.

August 2nd is the first day of the execution of the contract, Mr. Song was dumbfounded: just a few minutes, click volume has reached 1269 times, the promotion account has been spending 2584.45 yuan, according to this rate, less than an hour hits can be more than 12000 times, "lead" marketing personnel commitment "package" plan.

? What are the implications of


just a few minutes enough to attract thousands of hits, but not a customer consultation, most likely is not technical means to do false hits, which we often say "brush".

, as it happened, a man claiming to be × × (China) Co. Ltd. Guangzhou branch staff, who can help business in Zengcheng decoration company Mr. Song on the Internet to do the promotion, within a year to pay 5600 yuan, to ensure the company name in the decoration industry search ranking always in the top five at the same time, ensure that no less than 12000 hits within a year, bring in less than thousands of customers. Hope is to make the promotion of Mr. Song received in the successful enterprise marketing case "under the temptation.

brush love Shanghai promotion click is often mentioned, and among the larger some unscrupulous agents to seek private interests of malicious brush click, because the results are more click, advertising costs more, these services can get more of their income.

so, selection of service providers is very important, not to be some of the so-called successful case of deception, not by what he can be tempted by the preferential discount, regardless of sex or 360 Shanghai promotion promotion must choose the regular partner, or behind the regret when you. For example, the above situation, brush your promotion on offspring >

this is the use of some loopholes love Shanghai search algorithm, click on the brush forcibly, interference love Shanghai natural search results, but coincidentally, now it came with the brush love Shanghai promote the results of the search case. The song’s report said, because of their own money to buy the search results to promote ranking as a "big", and therefore almost "less promotion million debt".

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