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with China Internet users increasingly mature, Internet users is still in search engine users at the same time, more differentiation demand through the vertical search engine to meet in 2011, this trend is more clear.

fell in love with the sea with its rich product line, still plays a leading position in the market, in 2011 the market concentration trend is more obvious. Love Shanghai to six large groups of high permeability. At the same time, other search engine companies is on the rise, but in the traditional web search, is not easy to fall in love with the sea more than. But with the rise of micro-blog, SNS, community content component is increasing, whether the community search will become the highlight of the search engine, who will occupy the initiative, is a mystery.

users, old users are more accustomed to using direct login page, use the web page in the highest proportion of six groups, reached 84.8%. A high degree of active users and users more young college students love the browser search box and chat tools provide search engine entrance, student users use the browser search box for 42.4% of the proportion of young users to use chat tools provide the search box proportion is 39.1%. This indicates that the search for the future direction of development.

Internet users use search habits (from CNNIC report)

December 20th, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) today announced the "2011 China search engine Market Research Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"). The report shows that as of the third quarter of 2011, the search engine users reached 396 million, subscriber growth slowed. More breakdown of the vertical search engine development in 2011.

in the use of the search habits, 81% of Internet users is still on the professional search site direct search first, second, 39.6% of users is to enter the keyword search in the browser address bar.

users to enter search engine in a variety of ways, in addition to the above two, site navigation, browser search box, chat tools are important Internet users to enter the entrance of the search engine, using the ratio reached 34.2%, 31.4%, 28.1%.

report shows that in 2011 October, Shanghai love to flow up to 78% of the overall search engine traffic, search in second amounted to 7.3%, Google and Sogou in the flow of the third echelon, respectively 2.6% and 2.3%. The user through the search engine to search the top three categories are: news, video and music, the proportion of users were 47.7%, 45.2% and 41.6%. In the transfer of search engines and traditional contents of different emphases, novels, applications and websites accounted for three.



is the formation of new search entrance

vertical search engine is the rise of

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